The Tweeting World of American Football

Football is the biggest sport in the United States, hands down. With at least 14 games taking place every week, that equates to copious amounts of TV air time and no game averages more viewers than Sunday Night Football(SNF) on NBC. Over the past four seasons, SNF averaged 21 million viewers, making it the most watched primetime television show in the United States.

Since it is the most watched TV show in the US, that means there are a lot of tweets circulating around it. Everyone from celebrities to athletes to the teams themselves are tweeting about it. Here is an example from the SNF game on 11/29 between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos.

Of course, some accounts also tweet out video attachments

This enables all those who may not be able to watch the game to catch the important highlights.

Of course, professional accounts aren’t the only ones who tweet about the game.

But, of course, people aren’t always tweeting about the game. Sometimes, the public switches the focus to the announcers.

Or the players…

Or their own cameramen…

And of course, a classic cute animal gif makes an appearance:

The tweets surrounding the #NEvsDEN hashtag are all over the map but it shows the diversity of the people who are watching the game, proving once again just how popular Sunday Night Football is.

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