Influencer & Top 10

Influence: Throughout the duration of this course, my Twitter following grew from 174 followers on January 20th to 199 followers on April 20th. These 25 new followers vary from acquaintances and friends to accounts centered on subjects I tweet about. For example, several of the recent accounts following mine focus on fashion; these accounts started […]

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T-30 Days Until Graduation

With just a month until Graduation Day’s arrival, I created a meme highlighting my current feelings on the last home stretch of my college career. Like this adorable pup and its owner, I don’t want to move from this place in time but time is still dragging me along, day by day. I developed a campaign for […]

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Ever since Beyoncé announced her upcoming world tour after her Super Bowl appearance, fans worldwide have been eagerly anticipating any announcements which might give a clue about the release of new music. April 16th might prove to be the day we’ve been waiting for. Beyoncé released a promo for “Lemonade” a “world premiere event” to […]

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Social Media and Relationships

Modern social media includes a wide variety of outlets and technologies which allow us to connect with the world. Many of these technologies are easily and readily accessible via apps on the smartphones constantly glued to our hands. My personal favorite social media platforms are Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, and while I have Facebook and […]

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