Influence and Growth Analysis

Influence: Twitter followers before COM 427 – 52 Twitter followers after COM 427 – 88 Over the course of the Fall 2019 semester, I was able to utilize the skills and techniques I learned in COM 427 – Social Media for Communicators to grow my Twitter following by 69.2%. Though growing from 52 to 88 followers might […]

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The Impeachment Inquiry on Twitter

By Katie Hirsch, Sari Kamp, Emily Kilman and Jaymi Zimmerman We created a search boolean that would provide results that included either ‘Trump,’ ‘Pelosi,’ or ‘inquiry’ in addition to ‘impeach’ or ‘impeachment.’ We chose this setup because it ensured that each tweet would be talking about the impeachment inquiry that Speaker of the House Nancy […]

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NHsmc Blog Post 1

Internet hoaxes are weird. They occupy our minds for maybe a week (if they’re lucky), and then they’re gone. Some people liken them to fake news, but to me they are even less than that. They are not trying to spread false information about a certain politician or get people to vote for a certain […]

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