How Does Twitter REALLY Feel About Deval Patrick?

‘Democratic Twitter’ is going a little crazy given that another democratic lawmaker has announced their candidacy for president. Despite democratic voters still searching for a candidate, it has been made clear on Twitter that they do not like Deval Patrick, former Governor of Massachusetts.

The first two tweets are ones in support of Patrick. The first is a response to a poll Speaker Pelosi put out, asking which candidate they are most excited for. The user edited it to add Patrick. The second is a retweet of Patrick’s announcement video, with a comment saying that Patrick is “a fit leader for our country.” It’s interesting that both of these positive tweets are from men, given Patrick’s history defending rapists.

The final four tweets are against Patrick, espousing the many reasons the users believe he shouldn’t be running. They run the gamut from simple (#2) to very intense (#4). These tweets all rely on facts and history to make their points, as opposed to the positive tweets.

Overall, Democrats are not on board with Patrick, despite not having a clear frontrunner already. Hopefully this pushes the party to take a look at the current candidates and start to narrow the field.

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