“When Girls Are Hangry” Social Media Campaign Analysis

My Objectives:

  • My first objective for this social media campaign was to gain at least 500 views via Imgur and Twitter
  • Another objective I had was to reach 250 engagements by November 8th, so that I would be on track to get to 500 by November 11th
  • A third goal that I didn’t specify in my original social media campaign was to have friends mention my meme offline. I wanted it to be something that I was able to bring IRL, as opposed to just staying online.


  • As mentioned in my social media campaign, my meme is a classic dog personality pic. I was able to use photos of one of my best friend’s dogs who is extremely expressive which I thought brought a great vibe to my meme – one that was totally silly and classic.
  • I gained inspiration from the millions of dog (doge?) memes on the internet, but specifically ones that show two photos of the same dog with a different expression or even outfit in each. I personally find these hilarious and so when I first saw the pictures of Sophie that I used, I knew it was meme-able.


Imgur Meme:

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  • My social media campaign for my “When Girls are Hungry” meme was very successful. By setting a benchmark for myself for November 8th, I was able to gauge overall interest in my meme and coordinate the rest of my campaign accordingly.
  • Because I reached my benchmark of 250 prior to November 8th, I was able to pare down the rest of my campaign, especially in areas that hadn’t performed so well originally.
    • The main example of this is my use of Twitter. I first posted my meme to Twitter on the first day of my campaign, and received good engagement for my account, but overall not many more views on my Imgur meme. Because of that I chose to cut the rest of my tweets from the campaign and focused on other social media platforms.
  • Overall I am very proud of this campaign and believe it was quite successful as it has surpassed the 500-view mark and is still gaining views. Currently there are 632 views on my meme.

Final Engagement:

  • Imgur views – 632
  • Imgur points – 22
  • Twitter engagements – 15
  • Unfortunately, as far as I can see so far, no one has created a derivative of my meme, however I believe this is because there are so many dog meme templates easily accessible to the public.

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