Benchmark follower

I started with 9 followers on Twitter in the beginning of Sept, and finished with 102 followers on Dec. 7th. The overall growth rate is 1033.33%, which means I approximately got 1 new follower per day during the past 3 months. My Klout score is 27.

I realize that there are several strategies are useful for growing followers and enhancing engagement rate. First, use hashtags. When I tweet about something, I always try to add several hashtags (2 is optimal) to jump into an existing conversation and make the tweet searchable for people with same interests. Second, increase media richness. Beside from the text itself, I try to include a relevant picture/video to increase media variety of the tweet in order to stand out. Third, be sure to listen to your followers. People won’t follow you for no reason, it is worth to take some time to check out their profile and tweets and hopefully leave some comments in order to engage with them.








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