Bernie Sanders: Is This the End of Socialism in America?

On April 8th, Bernie Sanders announced the suspension of his 2020 campaign for president as a Democratic hopeful. For his supporters, this was hard news to take in.

For the second straight election, Sanders has failed to claim the Democratic nomination for president. This time, perhaps, is a harder pill to swallow for his supporters because Sanders received so much appreciation for the platform he was running on: a political revolution.

Some people who aren’t even American and cannot vote in the U.S. election were sending praise to the former Democratic candidate.

While supporters mourn, his opponents are thankful that his political movement has come to an end, at least for this election cycle.

In this opposition view, Sanders is criticized for his radical views on Socialism. His supporters are being defined as “lazy” since they believe in Medicare for all and free public education. While this may be the end for Socialist values for the 2020 elections, some of his opponents fear these values will become prevalent in future elections.

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