#OneDirection2020: All smoke, no fire.

By: Caitlin Johnston

On April 9, #OneDirection2020 started trending on Twitter because Liam Payne (a member of the band currently on hiatus) held an interview promoting his new single. In the interview, he discussed talking with the other members of the One Direction band. This only led to hopes and dreams of a One Direction Reunion in 2020.

To say the least, most of the tweets within this hashtag were emotional, uplifting and happy.

Others within the #OneDirection2020 took on the trend of writing lyrics of One Direction songs in all caps and creating their own memes.

And the most extreme of fans were already planning to bottom out their bank accounts just to see this reunion happen.

On the other side of the spectrum, some Twitter users were confused and annoyed at the fact that it was even trending – they weren’t supposed to be friends anymore, right?

And some were just over One Direction as a whole and were happy to have them gone the past few years.

All in all, there has been no confirmation of a reunion, but the possibility of a reunion brought out many different emotions.

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