Blog Post #3

The #NotAgainSU movement has grown on Twitter and at one point, was trending in New York. Most of the people using #NotAgainSU are in agreement about the events that have occurred on Syracuse University’s campus, which include 11 racist and anti-semitic attacks in the span of about one week. #NotAgainSU is meant to call attention […]

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Viral Content Challenge

For my viral content challenge, I shared a halloween themed “Ight imma head out” meme with the marketing objective of hittingĀ 500 views or more solely on Imgur and after tweeting out the photo out, reach above 1,000 views. This meme was meant to relate to people that plan to go big for halloween, but every […]

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The Internet’s Latest Hack

Hoaxes have been around long before modern day social media. Individuals used to send scam or chain emails to one another that promoted taking some action that would save them from a seemingly existent threat. Even text message hoaxes existed before smartphones, but they were often more easily identifiable, as they would threaten a monster […]

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