BuzzFeed Viral Content Challenge Analysis


My post was a Would You Rather: Sweet vs. Savory Food quiz. I used a variety of different types of foods from cookies to crème brulee, and from popcorn to sushi. Food is a relatable topic to everyone and can be understood across cultures.


  • To spread my post as far as possible
  • To have as many views on my post
  • To get retweets of my marketing tweets
  • Around 50 views if it doesn’t get promoted onto BuzzFeed


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My post got a decent amount of views for not being promoted. I exceeded my goal of 50 views, coming in with 78. My tweets didn’t get any engagement such as likes or retweets so it is hard to pinpoint what gained my post the majority of its views. I posted it on Facebook as well which is more likely to have been the source, as I have found people are more likely to click on links on Facebook than Twitter. The views could have also come from my Twitter ads as well. I think what didn’t work was the homemade look of the original content we had to include in the post. This part tends to look less clean and sleek as the rest of the images and content in the post. I also don’t think my audience (followers) on Twitter are the type to click on links within Tweets. Links and webpages tends to be clunky viewed on a mobile device from Twitter. This is why people tend to share more on Facebook, since people are usually using a computer when using it.

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