Viral Content Challenge

Social Media Background: I created this post based on my love of pizza and I know I’m not the only one who does. There are many pizza lovers all over the world. There are so many kinds that I enjoy from white to red to pepperoni and sausage. I decided instead of doing my post on the love of my favorite food to go the opposite direction instead. I based it on how some people get pizza very wrong. I went with the most bizarre and unappetizing pizzas that I could find because I know that any true pizza lover would be appalled and that this post could possibly resonate with them and be fun. I also wanted to make a different kind of pizza post instead of the normal appetizing and mouthwatering posts you normally see.

Objective From Social Media Marketing Plan:

  • To engage with a minimum of 10 people on Twitter
  • To share my post multiple times with many hashtags to get my posts seen by different groups of people
  • To get promoted on Buzzfeed



Analysis of Results: What did not affect my post as far as retweets and likes was the ad promotion. Most of the promotion came from organic viewers compared to the promotion. I only got a few views from that and don’t see that as something that helped to circulate my post. I think that the amount of hastags that I placed on my post on twitter helped in getting more traction to my post. A few moments after I posted my content I received a few likes and retweets from people that were not following me and I was also not following. I realized that they must have seen my post through the hashtags that I added. Also making intentional hashtags geared towards people who would like food posts helped to get some more interactions. What also made a big difference was the people who retweeted and quote tweeted my post. It allowed my post to be seen by a whole different group of twitter users.

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