Campaign Analysis


  • To be over 500 views on Imgur
  • The background of my campaign came from accounts that I follow on Instagram such as memezar. I saw the layout of it in a different tweet and came up with a lot of different ideas of what I could do. I also noticed how tweets are popular if they take a dig at getting old or “adulting” so I wanted to make it something about that as well.

example meme

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Imgur meme:



Analyzation of Campaign:

When I was first coming up with ideas for my meme, I went through the saved folder I have on my Instagram of all of my favorite ones. I decided that I did not want to incorporate a picture in my meme I had faith that words could help me achieve my objective. When I first brought my meme to class, I had high expectations and thought it would be the most “shared” aka, have the most stickers. I received a few, but not as many as I had hoped. However, when I posted my meme to Imgur in the first 55 minutes I had over 500 views; hitting my objective almost immediately. The tags that I put in on my meme were “funny,” “kids,” “lol,” “growing up,” and “getting older.” I feel that the tags is what helped my memes go viral on Imgur, where in class my audience was just limited to classmates. I achieved over 102k views on my meme and this achieved all of my goals and expectations.

Final Engagement Number:

  • 103,040 views, 169 comments
  • No one created a deriviative of my meme that I saw

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