Viral Content Challenge: Part 2

Background: I will be promoting my Buzzfeed Community Post “17 Times We’ve All Wanted To Throw A Christmas Day Hissy Fit” through three different forms of social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. I will use a $5 budget for a Twitter card to promote my Buzzfeed post starting on Friday, December 2nd. I will include […]

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Work Hard, Play Hard, Cry Harder

Background At colleges and universities all over the countries, the end of Thanksgiving break marks the beginning of finals week. The final two weeks of classes are filled with essays, projects and exams. In order to cope with the stress of finals week, content creators use humor, sarcasm and self-deprecation. Humorous finals week themed content […]

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Viral Content Challenge

Social Media Background: I created this post based on my love of pizza and I know I’m not the only one who does. There are many pizza lovers all over the world. There are so many kinds that I enjoy from white to red to pepperoni and sausage. I decided instead of doing my post […]

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Twitter ADS DeChalus

Background I was inspired to do this post after our chat about identity within post. After the ladies said taking forever to get ready was a great identity I ran with it. I exaggerated a lot of the post but made it as relatable as possible. Through this I tweeted it out and I encouraged […]

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BuzzFeed Viral Content Challenge: “23 Times Nick And Schmidt’s Friendship On ‘New Girl’ Was Just Too Perfect”

New Girl is a show that I have watched since high school. The humor can be awkward and downright cringeworthy, however the show is charming and the characters are delightfully quirky. The audience who watches New Girl is one that truly is invested in the show, as I know I am (they do have 753,000 […]

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Viral Challenge: Part 2

A series of polls re. Christmas opinions. Objective: To develop audience identification, viral content creation, social media marketing, distributed content, engagement, and analytics skills. To connect with people who are excited about the festive period – I feel like a lot of people can identify with this post. Christmas #cake or #pudding? Buble or […]

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“Santa Isn’t Coming Anymore…” #NHBuzzfeed Viral Content Challenge

Christmas is around the corner, and many Americans are starting to get excited for the Holidays. Party, food, alcohol, family, friends and gifts! Adults have already spent a few Christmases knowing that Santa isn’t coming for them. They embrace it. They enjoy the food and the party, but young adults, often find themselves remembering how […]

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Twitter influencer

Blog Post 5 – influencer When I started the course my twitter account was totally out of use and I had 2 Followers. Today after 4 months I have 23 followers (growth of 21), 1852 tweet impressions, and 78 profile visits. I think that the main obstacle is that all of my social cycles are […]

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