Christmas Music Opinions & Virality #NHBuzzFeed

My social media plan focused on the promotion for my BuzzFeed article “Do Your Christmas Music Opinions Actually Suck?” a “Would You Rather”/poll format. The thought process behind the social media marketing campaign was to acknowledge the holiday spirit nostalgia of Christmas music nostalgia with the emotional reaction of having to choose between two potential favorite music choices. I have found that people have strong emotional connection to certain songs and wanted to elicit this kind of response from viewers. Through the use of a paid Twitter ad card, a meme, links to the article, GIFs and a Facebook LIVE stream that garnered over 100+ viewers in the 6 minute stream, I was able to promote the article to my audience as well as others in my specified ad-targeted regions.

I had two objectives for my social media marketing campaign:

  • The main objective for this post is to get it promoted—after forgetting to click the “please promote this” button, there were a few moments of panic—but if the post is truly as well crafted as I believe it to be, the success of virality should come naturally.
  • If BuzzFeed Community decides not to promote the post, a secondary objective would be to get my social network followers (primarily on Facebook and Twitter) to interact and engage with the post. While promotion from BuzzFeed ultimately leads to the higher reach of audience, prior posts I have promoted on Facebook have received support and “likes” regardless of BuzzFeed Community promotion or not.

Tweet promoting post – 

Above: Metrics from the Twitter ad card to promote the BuzzFeed article.

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Above: Twitter ad card and the success of the campaign. For only $5 the link to post received 285 clicks and 8,135.

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Above: The Dashbird report from BuzzFeed on the success of the post. Blue represents seed views, red represents viral views.

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