Viral Content Challenge: The 6 Stages Of Studying For Finals

Finals week is a rough time for students. Every year we know it’s coming, yet we always seem to feel absurdly unprepared for the exams that will weigh heavily on our grades. All students go through similar stages: confidence and determination, realization and shock, procrastination, evaluation of options, acceptance, and victory and relief. College students everywhere have to remember that we all go through these stages together and that we always come out on top. To help remind students of the reality of the situation (and to give them a break) I created a BuzzFeed post to help light the mood surrounding finals. Below you will find the objective, a few tactics, and some results and a brief analysis.


  • To remind students that final exams do not last forever and they will be okay
  • To provide a mental break for students during their studies
  • To create solidarity among students and show them we are in this together




The post was somewhat successful. The main issue is the saturation of posts already in existence regarding finals week. This post could not receive the attention it needed because many other posts were similar to it. In the future I would attempt to make a more simple post that focused on one aspect of finals week to try and reach the more specific, and thus usually funnier, aspects of the issue. I would also do a bit more searching to ensure the topic is not already tired.

The actual campaign was relatively successful. The views it received were from personal followers I already had on social media, not too many outside sources. I think a campaign like this would work better with a longer timeline and a slightly larger budget for Twitter ads. Next time I will add more influencers to the list so the post can have a bit more of a range and reach more users.


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