Climate Change – Fact Not Fiction

Posts like this make me both angry and terrified at the same time. When I first learned about climate change in school and by doing outdoorsy things I hoped that by the time I grew up and went to college public opinion about the subject would have changed. Its been ten years and people still are adamant about their extreme denial of the phenomenon.

Many people feel that the entire science behind manmade global warming is fiction, and others believe it to be a government scheme created by politicians to scare the public. Maybe even a product of socialism, which we know to be the devil right? Right??

Wrong. This isn’t a topic to be debated. Science has proved that human industrialization has increased carbon emissions to the point that they are building up in our atmosphere and creating a global temperature rise. Most people aren’t worried about climate change because they don’t think it’s affecting them, but its actually just not affecting them yet.

Even though scientists can provide detailed information about temperature increases and emissions statistics many people immediately dismiss these claims.

And other still will learn about climate change and simply hope that it isn’t true.

Well when climate change becomes too big to ignore and starts affecting real things maybe people will pay attention.

Too late. Australia is a victim of global warming’s slow chokehold on our planet.

Forests in the United States, Amazon Rainforest, and Canada have seen record sized wildfires this year. In exotic places like the rainforest when forests burn they take unique plant species with them forever, causing some organisms to become extinct.

I’m not sure what it will take to change public opinion about this subject. I think more education about the specifics is necessary in changing some people’s minds. Other people will deny it until the oceans have risen up to their doorstep and then will proceed to ask how they can help when its already too late.

In the mean time I’ll do my part to keep bugging people about it until they listen.

One thought on “Climate Change – Fact Not Fiction

  1. This is great! I am so glad that someone chose to write about this issue. While I knew the opinions were strongly divided on this topic I had never seen the Tweets revolving around it. I think that you did a really great job choosing and curating these Tweets to tell a well written story.

    Hopefully the more people draw attention to our environmental issues, the more the rest of the population will begin to care.

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