Com 600- Viral Content Marketing Report

“Hold the Elevator” Social Media Marketing Report

The “Hold the Elevator” tweet was created in satire to address the suggestion of a male neighbor that I come over to his apartment after knowing him for less than 3 minutes, having only exchanged the words “could you please hold the elevator”. The tweet was specifically created to comment on the boldness of some men, which forces women into uncomfortable, and entirely preventable social experiences.  The Tweet spoke to the cultural issue, in which men are taught assertiveness is a desirable trait, and to go after what they want, while also not illicitly being taught to respect personal boundaries.

Goal(s)/ Objective(s):

 The specific goal for this Twitter marketing campaign was to increase social engagement on Twitter in respect to the “Hold the Elevator” tweet. A secondary goal for the campaign was to increase overall profile engagements for @AlexJeanMarie Twitter account as a result of public engagement with the “Hold the Elevator” tweet. The ‘Hold the Elevator” campaign was considered successful after meeting the following objectives for both Tweet engagement, and Twitter account engagement. Total Tweet Engagements (40+):Likes (5+), Comments (3+), Retweets (2+), Detail Expands (30+). Total Profile Engagements (10+): Profile Visits (5+), Profile Follows (5+).


 The following metrics from Tweet activity for the “Hold the Elevator” tweet were measured during the middle of the campaign and again at the completion of the campaign.

Mid- Campagin Engagement:

Impressions: 254

Total engagements: 50

Detail Expands: 30

Profile clicks: 9

Likes: 8

Retweets: 2

Replies: 1

Final Campaign Engagement: 

Impressions: 354

Total engagements: 53

Detail Expands: 32

Profile clicks: 10

Likes: 8

Retweets: 2

Replies: 1


The ‘Hold the Elevator’ Twitter campaign was more successful in some ways than it was in others. The success of the campaign was measured based on two criteria. 1) An increase in individual Tweet engagement in relation to previous tweet engagement for my @AlexJeanMarie Twitter account, and 2) an increase in profile engagement for my @AlexJeanMarie Twitter account. The shortcomings of the campaign stemmed from the execution of the campaign, as there were some aspects that may have worked better if done differently.

The major successes of this campaign:

  • My ‘Hold the Elevator’ Tweet receiving more engagement than any other tweets in the history of my Twitter profile.
  • The tweet received 354 impressions on Twitter between the period of creation and the end of the Viral Content challenge.
  • Sharing both the link to the Tweet and especially a screenshot of the Tweet on Facebook, and Instagram was a big help.
    • Sharing the Tweet on other social platforms led to quite a few friends engaging with the tweet, more so than typical, which I believe was because of the cross-platform promotion.
    • I believe the cross-platform promotion also benefited the overall engagement because a link directly to the post was embedded in every post.

Shortcomings of this campaign:

  • In a review of the campaign, some areas that could have been strengthened for the outcome of the campaign would have been investing in tweet promotion would have made a considerable difference.
    • To this,  I believed the Tweet could successful using more organic methods of engagement such as sharing it to other social platforms and pinning it to my Twitter profile.
    • The campaign would have been more successful with the help of Twitter promotion.
  • Engagement on Twitter with other viral content or daily hashtags lead to a few profile engagements, resulting in an engagement with the ‘Hold the Elevator’ tweet, but it did not have a very significant impact on the success of the campaign like initially believed.
  • Finally, I believe sharing screenshots of the Tweet was less successful on Instagram because there was no direct way for users to click through to the Twitter account containing the tweet. Whether the tweet is shared as a main profile post or Instagram story, Instagram users still had to complete two extra steps to engage with the Tweet by 1) clicking on my profile, and then 2) clicking the link in my Instagram bio. I believe this made the platform far less useful for social campaigns and promotion.

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