Do You Know Who Is Behind The Mask?

Love it or hate it, there is no denying that The Masked Singer has captured the attention of the nation.  The highest-rated network show for the 2018-2019 broadcast season, features a panel of celebrity judges and celebrity talent. But what makes The Masked Singer a phenomenon? It’s the mystery!  America has been anxiously scrambling to figure out which famous individual is behind each mask.

Perhaps the biggest star of the season is the Rottweiler.  Many are certain that Chris Daughtry, a seasoned voice competition star,  is behind the mask.


However, not everyone is convinced that Daughtry is the voice behind the Rottweiler Mask.  In fact, many have taken to body attributes and dancing habits to prove otherwise.

Chris Daughtry or not, one thing is certain, the singer behind the Mask possesses a talent like no other.  The Rottweiler is a strong contender for the finals.

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