Editorial Blog Assignment- #PumpkinSpiceLatte

The hashtag I decided to analyze is #pumpkinspicelatte. The reason I chose this hashtag is because I know many people who have very strong feelings about this drink, so I wanted to see how people on Twitter felt.

This tweet shows a handmade drawing of a girl drinking a pumpkin spice latte while commenting in the caption that that is her favorite Starbucks drink.

This user tweeted about how even though the pumpkin spice latte just went out of season, the moment he knows he is unable to buy it when he wants makes him crave it immediately.

Continuing on the fact that pumpkin spice lattes are sold at Starbucks for a limited time only, this girl became incredibly angry that this iconic and coveted drink was not longer available by the day before Thanksgiving, which she found to infuriating.

This person is tweeting about about his love for fall drinks and pumpkin spice latte season, while also promoting an article he wrote about just how intense that love for fall drinks is.

On the opposite end of this heated debate, this person tweeted out a Tik Tok they had made that shows just how much they hate pumpkin spice lattes, which shows him smashing up the ingredients by dropping a sledge hammer on them.

This account tweeted about the negatives of pumpkin spice lattes due to the high amounts of calories and sugar in them which completely offset any benefits that the pumpkin itself has for your body.

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