Dogs are Great, Just Not 500 Views Great

Overview & Goals

From the outset, my primary goal was to generate a viral meme featuring my two american mastiffs, Ranger and Axel.  The campaign in my estimation was somewhat successful. By analyzing my objectives we can see where my campaign succeeded and where it might have veered off track.


Achieve at least 100 views on Imgur

Achieved as my meme received 394 views, however a great chunk of this was obtained over the first two days.  Ultimately the meme fell short of the 500 view benchmark.

Achieve at least 500 impressions/interactions with meme on Twitter

My tweets centered around the meme were able to generate 559 organic impressions and 467 promoted impressions.  The interactions with my tweet fell short of my expectations, but most tweets received at least one retweet.

Outperformed expected Twitter engagement numbers with promoted tweet

Based off the amount of money spent, my promoted tweet should have earned somewhere in the ballpark of 4,700 impressions and 13 link clinks.  End result was disappointing in terms of impressions, only 467, but generated 27 link clinks, more than double what was expected for my budget.


Big Dogs, Small Chair

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Overall Thoughts

The campaign included five separate tweets, with the first and only promoted tweet going out at 5:00pm on April 3rd.  The other four tweets were then spread out through the course of the week, the thought behind this was to not overload my followers with the same image over and over again.  During the campaign each time the meme was tweeted out, the post contained different language and different hashtags in order to reach out to a new set of users.  Hashtags ranged from #Food to #Aww to #Dogs.  Aside from my promoted tweet, the other four tweets were sent out at different times throughout the day.  The tweets posted later in the day, at both 9pm and 11pm significantly outperformed the tweets posted earlier in the day.  Here are the tweets by the numbers:

Tweet at 7pm saw 80 impressions and 5 link clicks

Tweet at 9pm saw 128 impressions and 4 link clicks

Tweet at 11pm saw 137 impressions and 5 link clicks

Tweet at 12pm saw 72 impressions and 3 link clicks

In hindsight, it would have ve been better to tweet out my meme later in the night, seeing as that time is able to catch the attention of a larger percentage of my followers.  Overall while my campaign did not see my meme reach 500 views on Imgur, the tweets themselves were able to generate impressions and engagement and were to a degree, able to outperform the expected returns on my promoted tweet.

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