My Meme Sucked (Apparently): Disappointing Results

I began my Viral Content Challenge sure I had a winner.  My meme tested decently in class, and outside of class, all my friends laughed when they first saw it.  I thought it was clever, but it did not perform as I had hoped.


  • To get over at least 600 views on my Imgur meme
  • To gain at least ten new followers on Twitter

I hope she doesn’t catch me looking…

I came up short on both of my objectives, as I only received 586 total views on Imgur, and gained only one new follower on Twitter.  This was not from a lack of trying, but rather–from what I believe–was just a poor meme.

Maybe it was chuckle worthy, yet not funny enough to share.  Or maybe it simply wasn’t funny.  According to my Buffer analytics, my first post on Facebook received 14 clicks and 1 like, while my following posts received 1 like each and no clicks.  This tells me that my meme was lackluster at best, as my followers were bored by it after the first post.

Twitter was no different.  With the exception of my Twitter Ads post, my other 4 tweets received little love, totaling 77 engagements and 36 link clicks.  Meanwhile, my promoted tweet is what saved my campaign, as it drew in 65 total engagements and 65 link clicks.

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While I didn’t quite achieve my objectives, I will say that my timing on my posts seemed well thought out.  I posted during my followers’ peak viewing times on both Twitter and Facebook, mixing in early morning and late night posts to catch the stragglers.  I could have posted more, but I think I posted the perfect amount.  If my followers were bored after only a couple posts, more would have just been annoying, and potentially resulted in a loss of followers.  However, I do believe that me reposting on Imgur helped me, as it kept my meme circulating and drawing in more views, even though it was ill-received.

I may not have gotten the engagements I had wanted, but overall I am pleased with my performance, as for the first few days I had less than a 100 views; therefore, to nearly achieve 600 views feels like an accomplishment.

2 thoughts on “My Meme Sucked (Apparently): Disappointing Results

  1. Hi Mitchell! I died at the title of this blog post and honestly was expecting a lot worse. Your meme was very entertaining and I don’t think it sucked at all. You may have fallen short on the amount of views on Imgur, but I don’t think you should be too hard on yourself.

  2. While you might not have reached your intended goals, your meme did not completely fail. Perhaps your tweet was too hockey specific? Or perhaps our class was not an accurate representation of the general public. Your Twitter campaign was very successfully, certainly more so than mine. Interesting timeline in regards to your meme on Imgur. I saw mine exploded out of the gate and then limped to the finish line, interesting how it works. While you did not obtain your goals, you did come rather close. I’m a hockey fan, and I enjoy it, good meme when all is said and done.

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