Evaluating My Follower Growth And Top Tweets

As a newbie on Twitter, this class helps me learn many new things such as how to improve my social media presence on Twitter, how to gain impressions thanks to the hashtags and some skills which are used to promote brands.

For a new user, the result has not been bad. I started this course with 42 followers and now I have 62 followers. This growth was caused by my tweets including the hashtags such as #emoji #socialmedia #magazine #journalismstudent. From that, some of the Twitter users who work in the magazine industry, social media industry and of course, my classmates interact and follow me. The growth, in my opinion, is not big due to my lack of understanding of Twitter such as how to use the hashtags effectively and  how to jump in the conversation. Apart from the growth, my Twitter account also gained 2,100 tweet impressions and 639 profile visits.

Here are also my top 10 tweets.

This is the tweet with the most impressions. It earned 285 impressions, 14 engagements, and three retweets. Though it had high impressions, the engagement rate was low with just .9%. The reason might be that the tweet included the hashtag #emoji helping reach some emoji brands, but not many Twitter users engaged with it.

This is the tweet ranked 2rd in my top tweet list. It had 167 impressions, 10 engagements, and five hearts. It also had a 6.0% engagement rate. The tweet is about #socialrank and I mention the professor, Jennifer Grigyel as my top influencer. Understandably, the five hearts comes from my classmates.

This tweet is about a big accomplishment I achieved in the past. Though it had 165 impressions, the engagements were 16 and the engagement rate was pretty high with 9.7%. This post includes a nice picture capturing a Nashville bus with the image of country singer Dolly Parton.

This tweet is a screenshot from Instagram before the semifinal basketball game between Syracuse and North Carolina. It had 165 impressions, 31 engagements, one retweet, and an 18.8% engagement rate. Possibly, Otto and the intense interest in the game helped it gain those impressions.

This tweet is a poll about whether or not SU should lift the campus-wide smoking ban. It had 150 impressions, 32 engagements, and a 21.3% engagement rate. These statistics were gained because it was an in-class exercise. Therefore, classmates had to cast their votes.

This tweet was really exciting for me because it was a group work about animals. We were assigned to create a tweet, which helped raise the public’s awareness on a social issue. We chose to promote the Haiku poster project, which called for adopting dogs. This had 106 impressions and 18 engagements with an engagement rate of 17.0%.

This tweet included a picture with a motto of leading a positive life. It had 102 impressions and 20 engagements with an engagement rate of 19.6%. It includes the hashtag #MotivationMonday, so that made it a high rate of engagement.

This tweet had 98 impressions and 18 engagements with an engagement rate of 18.4%. It was a tweet about animals including a picture of me and a tiger. Many classmates are cat lovers so the humorous content of this tweet, “I love all kinds of cat” helped gain more engagement. After this tweet, some of my classmates started to mention me in “cat” posts.

This tweet is about the result of the basketball semifinal between Syracuse University and North Carolina. It had 92 impressions and 10 engagements with an engagement rate of 10.9%. This tweet included a picture but people did not interact with it much, probably the content was not interesting enough.

This tweet is on the flow of a conversation between me and my classmate LeighLin51. It had 86 impressions and three engagement swith an engagement rate of 3.5%. The tweet included my opinion towards Rihanna’s new music video “Kiss it better.” In a direct conversation with Lin, we tweeted back and forth after that to discuss the video.

To sum up, I cannot say all of my tweets this semester were a success, but some of them earned good impressions and engagements. The good results were because it had hashtags, pictures, and media links. For now, I think I have a sense of what kind of content to share and hashtags to reach more people.

3 thoughts on “Evaluating My Follower Growth And Top Tweets

  1. Great tweets. It was interesting to see how your tweets had changed over the course of the semester. I can see that from taking this course, you are utilizing more hashtags, pictures, and media links to gain engagements on your tweets. It is always interesting to me to see the “polling” tweets gain more engagements. Those tweets really seem to grab more attention than others that flow through my feed, and I’ve noticed my own “polls” get a lot of engagements among my followers.

  2. I’m surprised at how many of your top tweets are photos! It’s pretty cool how most of your photos are about SU life – I guess you have a large Syracuse University following on Twitter!

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