Amanda’s Top 10 Influencers

I began the semester with roughly 80 Twitter followers and through some carefully crafted tweets and engagements on social media, as of this morning I have 200 followers. There were some tweets that worked more effectively than others. Here are the 10 most influential tweets using the #NHsmtp

This tweet was effective because of the hashtags, a link and engagement by classmates.


Twitter polls seem to have found success in the Twittersphere as they increase engagement and the use of #twitterpoll draws in more views and clicks.

The reason this tweet was so effective was because it had a large photo, which tends to draw people in more than just words or a link.

Here is an example of flow content, or content pushed out at the same time as a major event. In this instance, it was a news story about the first deleted tweet during the Oscars where a social media brand mixed up Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldburg. Because it was happening in real time, there were a lot more impressions than if it was posted a day later.

One of the most effective ways I increased my follower count was doing #followfriday every week. All my follow Friday posts had several hundred more engagements than any other content I pushed on Twitter. I highly recommend it as a way to engage with other followers as you promote them. Pro tip: small time musicians, comedians or YouTube content creators seem to be more willing to respond because it makes their brand look good as well, which in turn increases your Klout. Win-win.

Similar to the reason that tweets with photos tend to do better than tweets with only words, gifs also increase engagement. They are easy to make and when timed correctly, it leaves the viewer in a loop so they spend more time on your tweet instead of scrolling past it on their timeline.

Photo sets do increase engagement. Nobody can deny that, but strategic hashtags and humorous copy can take it to the next level. The engagement in this one was over 400 more than other photos I’ve uploaded.

What made this tweet work so well was the fact that I mentioned someone who is a top influencer on my follower list (in this instance, my professor) and it paid off with higher engagement than other tweets.

This is another #followfriday tweet, but what makes this one special is it garnered over 6,000 impressions and 200 engagements. No other tweet from the semester came close to this one. This is because of the social media reach of those tagged in the tweet.

Using Twitter Curator helped me in finding a tweet that was going to get more impressions. I searched for a trending topic and found an example of a market now tweet pushed out in real time. Hopping on a trending topic will garner more impressions, which increases your likelihood of getting more engagement.

In the beginning of the semester, my Klout score was 10 and now it is 36. I’ll continue to boosting it with more carefully planned tweets, photos and other media that will get more eyeballs to my content in a way that encourages engagement and response.

7 thoughts on “Amanda’s Top 10 Influencers

  1. I think that it’s amazing that you were able to grow your followers by such an big amount. I’m sure that you’ll be able to get even more followers if you continue tweeting!

  2. Love the pro tip for the follow Friday. I wanted to do one every week and unfortunately did not keep up… need to get on that scheduling grind more!

  3. That’s amazing, you reached 6000 impressions on #followfriday! Great tip to tweet at small time musicians, comedians, and YouTube content creators! Bringing more attention to their brand increases the chances of them following you. Thanks for the tip!

  4. It was interesting to see that your number one influencer mostly so successful because of the hashtags you used, I think that is evidence of how important the function of hashtags are on twitter and how much more engagement you can get by connecting your post to trending hashtags. I also thought it was interesting that you spring break picture was a high influencer; evidence that pictures still captivate audiences, a reason I think that Instagram does so well as a social media platform. I love the poll you chose! I think it’s a great use of the Twitter poll function to just throw a fun and cute question to your followers, shows your fun personality too!

  5. Amazing growth. I think that your tip at targeting smaller celebrities is a great way to get engagements and grow your own social media presence. They are probably more willing to make connections with their fans because they are still growing.

  6. I remember you talking about your follower growth in class and I still cannot believe how succesful you were. Love the tweet about Queen Elizbeth being #onfleek.

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