How I Became a Social Media Ninja

If there is anything I have learned from taking COM 427 it’s that in order to become a Social Media Ninja, your twitter content must be REAL- Relevant, Engaging, Appropriate and have Longevity.
First let’s start with Relevancy. I successfully learned to create content that was relevant to what is happening in real time. According to Twitter Analytics, my Post about World AIDS day was my second most influential tweet of November with 547 impressions and 16 engagements. Though it only got one like and one reply, I think it was a successful Tweet because it incorporated two trending hashtags #CondomEmoji and #WorldAIDSDay and was posted over a week before it was actually World AIDS day meaning that I was joining the conversation at a relevant time period.
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.Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 3.25.29 PM
Another tweet that I received a lot of engagement due to its relevancy was my Happy 25th Anniversary Tweet to the National Endowment for the Arts Fund. With 5 RT’s, one of which being the Government Agency, and 7 likes. It was my most successful Tweet According to Twitter Analytics of September, 2015.  I think this tweet was also so successful because I tweeted on the actual anniversary as well as incorporating media in the tweeT.
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Next, in this semester I learned how to make content that was engaging and not just self indulgent. In order for content to be engaging it usually has some sort of media attached to it. One of my best media tweets was when I tweeted a picture of my Program overlooking the stage of Syracuse’s symphony Symphoria while attending a performance. According to Twitter Analytics I had 26 Media engagements with this tweet as well as a profile click. What I like about this tweet is not only is it engaging and celebrating the Arts which is one of the goals of my social media account, but its also promoting local organizations and I made sure to use the promoted hashtags of the event,
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Another Tweet that my Followers found engaging was the gif I created of me drawing a moustache on my face.With 512 impressions 125 Media Views, 3 likes, 2 replies, and a retweet. I feel pretty confident is saying Gif’s are successful tools for generating engaging conversation, and if all else fails humiliating yourself on social media works pretty well too.
 Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 3.47.03 PM
Next comes appropriateness, a lesson I learned the hard way this semester. This next tweet was my top tweet for not only the month of November but of my last four months in this class, and it was, unfortunately, a tweet where I replied to a man who catcalled me on the street. This tweet BLEW UP in a way that had never happened to me before. Not only did this tweet receive 26,500 impressions,178 likes,71 Retweets, and 460 profile clicks, but I had so many people respond with their reactions to men objectifying women’s bodies. The reason I think this tweet by far blew the rest of my tweets out of the water because when I was crafting this tweet, I decided to google widely used feminist hashtags so that I would make sure my tweet would be seen by other women. This is something I have never done before-google relevant hashtags- and when I stumbled across the top 15 Feminist hashtags of 2015 I picked the most appropriate one and used it. As a Result the EverydaySexism account which has 232K followers Retweeted my tweet and the rest as they say is history,
Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 3.00.05 PM
Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 2.57.01 PM
Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 4.09.11 PM
If there’s anything I’ve learned from these specific twitter interactions it was that there is a time and a place to post slightly controversial things and while that tweet may not have been the most appropriate, I’m incorporating it in my Top 10 because of it’s successful engagement and as a lesson to all that internet trolls are real and they’re hungry to rip you to pieces.
Another Tweet where appropriateness comes into play was my Halloween tweet with a friendly reminder about Black Face. On twitter you often come across content and media that is offensive and degrading, however I’m including this tweet not only because of it’s successful engagement but to continue to raise a red flag about Twitter’s issue with not being able to show racially inclusive emojis. This is not okay.
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Lastly comes L, longevity.Like with relevance, we spent a lot of time in this class discussing the importance between stock and flow content and how in order to run a successful media campaign you should be creating both types of content. Two examples of where I did this was my stock content about Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi comments which was stock content and relevant to her impending court appearance at the time, versus Hamilton The Musicals influence which was relevant when I posted it in October and if I reposted it now would still be relevant.Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 4.31.22 PM
Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 4.31.33 PM
And as always, the Best Twitter Ninja moves are when you combine these REAL skills together in one post. Examples of this include my Tweet for #LoveTheaterDay where I used Relevancy and Engaging together by Posting on a Trending hashtag and attaching an embarrassing picture of myself and so that garnered 7 likes and 40 Media engagements. As well as combining skills of Appropriateness and Engaging Content in my Number One Tweet from October warning fellow Syracuse Students to stay safe when there was a shooting near campus.
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