Influencer Analysis

Look how much I’ve grown! At the start of this class I had 291 followers and  today I have 329. That is a difference of 38 followers or about  9.5 followers a month on my twitter account.

Some techniques that I used to increase the influence of my network include:

-Creating more engaging content- actively using images that were title safe, making use of gifs and videos when appropriate, and making interactive content like twitter polls

-Remembering Relevancy vs Longevity and have a mixture of stock and flow content-some tweets that work because they are happening right then, as well as some tweets that are successful because they will last longer than an average of like 24-48 hour shelf life.

-Googling Widely used Hashtags, and incorporating more hashtags in general so that my tweet was reaching different influencer circles

-Tweeting at/Following people with a high amount of influence (People who have a large followers base etc. Tools that helped me realize who the people with largest amount of influence include Twitter Analytics)

-Analyzing/Monitoring my Klout Score which at the start of the class was 32.41 and now is 54.42. Though Klout is not the be all that ends all successful measurement of somebody’s social media influence, it is definitely one way to track it.

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