How I Improved on Twitter this Semester

Throughout the semester, I’ve gotten 29 more followers (207 to 236), a 14 percent increase and my Klout score went up by five (38 to 42). I think I was able to increase my follower count and Klout score because of the new tactics I learned in class to post more engaging tweets and to how to post more interactive tweets. I think using strategies like tweeting with trending hashtags and using older hashtags like #ICYMI and #FollowFriday were effective because it automatically gets your tweet out further than your circle of followers. Because people are following these hashtags, you engage with new people and possibly get new followers. What didn’t work were tweets that had too many hashtags or didn’t have any rich media attached to it. Most of my top tweets and when I got the most engagement was when my tweets were they were media rich, here are 10 examples.

I didn’t get that much engagement from this tweet (3 likes) but adding the emoji, tagging another use and using a hashtag I think made my tweet engaging enough that it was one of my top tweets. ย I had 191 impressions, 26 total engagements and 6 profile clicks, this tweet drew people into my page and possibly turned into a new follower.

This second tweet I think was engaging because I tweeted out the link with an interesting title and used the popular hashtags #blackgirlmagic. Also, the photo that showed up along with the link (which does on Twitter, not sure why you can’t see it here) it made for a more interesting tweet.

My third tweet also received decent engagement I think because of the photo. Also, tagging a local coffee shop and using a digestible amount of hashtags drew more attention to the tweet. I had 4 profile clicks and 12 total engagements.

This tweet was one of my favorites. Tweeting the default GIF’s on Twitter usually always gets a lot of engagement because it’s one of the richer forms of media and because they are ver popular of Twitter. Creating your own is a good way to get more engagement because it is unique and others can’t tweet the same one, so I think that’s why this tweet was successful. (21 media views and 5 media engagements)

Using a photo gallery is always good for engagement on Twitter. But, I also think that using high-quality photos makes for an even more enticing tweet. And because I was shouting out my page, this tweet was able to make one of my top tweets.

The #ICYMI hashtag is still very popular on Twitter and gets people from outside of your followers to see and engage with your tweet. This tweet was reminding people about a controversial comment by a prolific artist and didn’t get any likes or retweets, butย got a total of 176 impressions according to Twitter Analytics.

This is another example of using rich media and a variety of different photos in order to get more engagement. With 161 impressions and 21 total engagements, this tweet was able to make it to one of my top tweets.


Most of my examples are rich media (mostly photos) and I think that was where I found the most success on Twitter. With 150 impressions, 21 total engagements and 14 media engagements, I was able to get more interest on my page because of the rich media I tend to always post.


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