Humble Beginnings of a Social Media Influencer


  • Beginning Twitter followers: 1,126
  • Ending Twitter followers: 1,174
  • Number increase: 48
  • Percent increase: 4.26%


  • Beginning Klout score: 47
  • Ending Klout score: 61

I think within a four month period, I really embraced the Media Richness Theory. I added more emojis, pictures, GIFs and videos into my tweets which increased my engagement rates. I also used more hashtags to draw attention to certain communities that would be interested in the content that I was creating. Another tactic I began using more was mentioning individuals and companies on Twitter to get their attention. Lastly, I began including my own thoughts or commentary when I quoted tweets, which added to the original tweet content. I think all this combined allowed, more specifically, my klout score to rise so much in such a short period of time. It rose rapidly, then for most of the four months stayed around 61 because of the engagement I was getting from doing all the things mentioned above.

In a 91 day period, from Jan. 20-April 20, my Twitter account earned 121,000 impressions, with an average of 1.3K impressions per day. Here are my engagement statistics over this time period:

  • Engagement rate: 2.2%
  • Click links: 169 (average 2 link clicks per day)
  • Retweets: 148 (average 2 retweets per day)
  • Likes: 837 (average 9 likes per day)
  • Replies: 220 (on average 2 replies per day)

Here is an analysis of what I consider to be my top tweets from this semester, which include the strategies I’ve mentioned:

For this tweet, I utilized the ever-so-popular hashtag, #FollowFriday. I was able to come the addition of a GIF that went well with the people I was tagging because they are podcast hosts. I decided to mention these women for this tweet because I just started listening to their podcasts, respectively and I thought it would be a great way to engage with them without being awkward. Plus the GIF was a nice touch.

Impressions 3,270
Media views 821
Total engagements 93
Detail expands 34
Media engagements 25
Profile clicks 19
Likes 7
Retweets 6
Replies 1
Hashtag clicks 1

I really got into using GIFs this semester. With this tweet, I incorporated #BlackHistoryMonth to relate the content to a community who would be interested in this tweet. To make this tweet more engaging, I should’ve probably mentioned Barack & Michelle Obama’s personal Twitter accounts.

Impressions 219
Media views 55
Total engagements 8
Detail expands 1
Likes 6
Retweets 1

Similar to the past tweet, but instead of using a GIF, I used an aesthetically pleasing photo with the use of #springbreak. I’ve found that the nicer the photo, the more people will engage with the tweet associated with it. This is also something that you might see more clearly on Instagram, but the nicer the photo looks, the more likes and comments it gets, while the opposite yields lesser results.

Impressions 223
Total engagements 16
Detail expands 1
Media engagements 5
Profile clicks 1
Likes 1
Hashtag clicks 1

Another technique I utilized was adding my own commentary with quoting a tweet from another source. I think this tweet was a successful example of that. I’m really into influencer marketing and Amazon, so I read an article that I wanted to share about those two topics. Although my thoughts aren’t that deep, the newness of the program garnered a lot of attention of my tweet because the people in my network are influencers, people who are interested in influencer marketing, and who are Amazon consumers.

Impressions 957
Total engagements 112
Detail expands 39
Profile clicks 2
Likes 9
Retweets 6

I utilized a Twitter collage for this tweet, and mentioned the people who were featured in the pictures. When you mention someone or a company on Twitter, they are more likely to like, retweet or reply to your tweet for better engagement.

Impressions 527
Total engagements 68
Detail expands 11
Media engagements 43
Profile clicks 2
Likes 7
Retweets 2
Hashtag clicks 1

This is a title safe image that I created to bring awareness to the beloved comedian, Charlie Murphy’s death. In this tweet, I took on the role of journalist with this visual and informing my followers with the text I provided that included more details than the image. The image was used to draw attention to what was most important.

Impressions 260
Total engagements 13
Media engagements 6
Likes 4
Retweets 1
Replies 1
Hashtag clicks 1

Not my best engagement, but I included this tweet to show my interaction with two major brands: Panera Bread and Starbucks. The fact that both replied to me, whether it was a year after or a few days after, I believe shows that they see value in the content I create and who I am in the Twitter space. This also shows the power of mentioning brands on Twitter.

Impressions 214
Total engagements 16
Detail expands 1
Media engagements 10
Profile clicks 2
Likes 3

I chose this tweet because it’s social media #IRL. I had been following Chasity for a few years, and always admired her online presence and hustle. I finally got to meet her in real life after interacting with her a few times over Twitter, so I wanted to include this as an example of social media #IRL. Plus using an emoji never hurt anyone.

Impressions 265
Total engagements 54
Detail expands 4
Media engagements 34
Profile clicks 6
Likes 8
Hashtag clicks 2

When the incorporation of an assignment turns into social media interaction with the Chief Product Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of Sysomos. I included this tweet because it’s social media customer service in real time.

Impressions 423
Total engagements 35
Detail expands 3
Media engagements 17
Link clicks 5
Profile clicks 2
Likes 3
Replies 2
Hashtag clicks 3

Only the highlight of the semester, so I had to include it! But utilizing events and speaker quotes is a big engagement draw. I used a combination of things in this tweet: a photo, emoji, mentioning someone, and quoting that person. I think all these things combined makes the engagement of this tweet so much better together than if they were to stand on their own.

Impressions 1,274
Total engagements 153
Detail expands 19
Media engagements 107
Profile clicks 9
Likes 15
Retweets 1
Replies 1
Link clicks 1

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