How to procrastinate like a Pro !

Today I want to show you a very special skill that I have perfected over the years. It is called: Procrastination!

Many of you have probably heard of this and some might even have made their own experiences but beginner or not this video might teach you a thing or two.

Now I am a strong believer in learning by doing so grab your latest assignment and let’s get started!


3 thoughts on “How to procrastinate like a Pro !

  1. I think we are all guilty of some procrastination sometimes. I thought this was so funny because I have done some of these things to avoid doing my work before (the shower and hair dry is a go-to). The work gets started when there is absolutely nothing else you can think of to do! Really entertaining how-to and very relevant to my life.

  2. It’s at the point of the semester where this tutorial is probably the most relevant. Not only have I used the food tactic, but some of the others you have mentioned as well. Unfortunately for me, a tutorial on how not to procrastinate would be extremely beneficial for dealing with current finals and projects.

  3. I am definitely guilty of procrastinating! I think with the end of the semester coming up and graduation around the corner, many of us are feeling this tutorial. Always good to learn a few more ways how to put off final projects/assignments!

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