I Just Want A Blue Check Next To My Name…

It was interesting for me to analyze my social media influence from the beginning to the end of this Social Media course. I started my Twitter account a few years back when I was still in high school. I had stopped using Twitter when I entered college and decided to revamp my account for this course. I started off the semester in January with 277 of my closest friends (who probably unfollowed me when I started tweeting #NHsmc every other day). I was very surprised to see I had gained 61 new followers by April. With several engaging tweets, a number of followers sparked up 22% in just three months!

I had never analyzed at my Klout score before this course. When creating an account, every user starts off with 10 as their score. I found that as I added all of my social media channels to Klout, my score increased exponentially. I saw the biggest jump from a score of 25 with just Twitter and Instagram to 48 when adding Facebook.

When examining Twitter Analytics, this was my top tweet in April, which earned 336 impressions. This tweet was successful because I tagged the Whitman and Chipotle accounts, which both have impressive amounts of followers. I was able to receive a like from Whitman (along with 3 others) and a reply from Chipotle, which contributed to the success of this tweet.

With 307 impressions, this tweet received a lot of engagement for not having media. I received 7 likes and 1 reply so I think my followers were just excited for me.

I honestly posted this tweet as a joke because many of my followers were tweeting about frantically finding a date for date night. My tweet obtained 1 retweet, 4 favorites, 403 impressions and my poll received 9 votes. Disclaimer: this tweet did not get me a date.

This tweet of my friend Jess in March was the most successful one of the semester. It gained a whopping 835 impressions! I honestly think that the reason this tweet was so successful is because Jess is an avid Twitter user. Additionally, we had many mutual friends so our followers were able to relate and engage with this tweet. It received 1 reply, 3 retweets, and 14 favorites.

I composed this tweet during class when Professor Grygiel was telling us how advanced technology is. Apparently, hackers have been stealing fingerprints from photos to access information, which is just creepy. I decided to make a joke about peace signs in photos and hackers stealing fingerprints to create this engaging tweet, which obtained 205 impressions.

According to Twitter Analytics, this was the top media tweet of March. It gained 333 impressions and 62 media views. Maybe it was because my followers were excited about spring break, but it was probably because of the Joey Tribbiani gif.

My parents are definitely laggards when it comes to technology. My mother does not speak English so we always call each other or text in Korean.I was very surprised when I received this text because I didn’t know my mom had a Bitmoji! This tweet earned 272 impressions, 5 favorites, and was the top media tweet in February.

My top tweet in February hit 361 impressions, 1 retweet, and 7 favorites. I owe my friend Laura for the success of this tweet. I am so happy that my followers found the gif of her eating pizza very entertaining.

According to Twitter Analytics, my top tweet in January hit 431 impressions. For this tweet, we had to take a picture of social media IRL. I felt that the collage of polaroids that we have up in our living room resembles Instagram before digital technology. This tweet received 1 retweet as well as 3 favorites.

And finally, I will endorse my second tweet ever for this blog post. For this assignment, I decided to use the popular hashtag #FollowFriday to recommend users to follow the organizers of the Women’s March On Washington. I tweeted this 4 days after the event so my followers would be able to see what they had to say after the demonstration. This tweet earned 232 impressions, 3 favorites, and a follow from a top influencer.

This course has offered me many skills and resources that I will utilize in future social media activities. Humor is the best method to gain traction on social media. Content with humorous media, text, etc will hopefully make me one step closer to achieving a blue check next to my name!

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