A Look At My #NHsmc Journey


Having started the semester with a Klout score of zero, I was able to end the semester with a score of 54, which was a major increase of influence. With a follower growth of zero-75, I am pleased with the growth of my influence and will continue to grow my profile as I pursue my career as a public relations professional.

I believe that this growth was a result of my proactive methods. I followed a lot of users with similar interests and professionals in the public relations field and made sure that my tweets would be of interest to them. I also liked tweets on my timeline constantly, making my account visible to many of the people that I follow. This led to a lot of follow backs and engagement from these users.

From my analysis, I determined that tweets that contained video, gifs, and attractive photos garnered the most impressions and engagements. Also, most of my most influential tweets contained hashtags that were relevant, popular, or trending. The tweets that did not perform well did not utilize hashtags and did not contain interesting media.



Analytics: 921 impression, 71 total engagements

For this post, my utilization of an attractive photo as well as popular campus hashtags like #cuse and #cusenation drove impressions and engagement. With six likes and three retweets, this tweet captured the attention of users who are students as well as professionals who work in the syracuse area. This Tweet was successful because it was relevant to many of my followers and had scenic media. My influence this day was 53.66.



Analytics: 485 impressions, 10 total engagements

This timely tweet proved to be successful due to its cultural relevance and the use of a trending hashtag. By joining the popular #RefugeesWelcome conversations, I was able to get four likes and three retweets from users who express their dedication to political activism in their bios. Through a targeted tweet, I was able to drive engagement within this specialized niche of users. This tweet contributed to my 26.52 Klout score that day.



Analytics: 438 impressions, 13 total engagements

This tweet received one retweet and one favorite. I believe that I drove engagement through #Periscope, which Twitter users use to watch live streams and videos. Also, by incorporating rich media in the form of an amusing video, users were intrigued and likely observed my tweet to watch some of the video. The class was also live tweeting the Periscope Challenge at the same time, with my retweet coming from a classmate. Through hashtags and comedic content, this tweet became one of my best influencers, with my Klout score this day reaching 55.09.



Analytics: 422 impressions, 56 engagements

This post’s success was due largely in part to the gif. The entertaining gif, coupled with the popular #periscope, contributed to the impressions and engagement that this tweet garnered. The three likes that the post got came from classmates, who were also watching the challenge unfold. Therefore, I can contribute the success of this tweet to the live tweeting exercise as well.



Analytics: 385 impressions, three total engagements

Although this tweet only got one retweet and no likes, it got an impressive amount of impressions. I believe this is due to the intriguing photo of my classmates in a questionable situation. Photos that make people think or ask questions are effective in driving views due to curiosity. In order to make this post more influential, I should have included a video to pique interest.



Analytics: 361 impressions, four total engagements

The success of this tweet had a lot to do with the relevance of the subject material. Drake’s new album, More Life, had just debuted a couple of days prior to the tweet. Therefore, #morelife was still a very active hashtag. The three likes that I received came from people that do not follow me, which shows the impressions that I got most likely came through my hashtags of #morelife or #takecare. To make this tweet garner even more engagements and impressions, I could have included a gif or other relevant media. This tweet got no retweets.



Analytics: 337 impressions, two total engagements

Since the #chubbybunny challenge continues to be a popular social media challenge, I believe that my use of that hashtag drove the impressions on this tweet. This is also a challenge that people find entertaining to watch, so I believe people were interested to see it occur. However, this tweet only got one like and no retweets, which I believe is due in part to a lack of richer media content. A video would have been a better way to drive engagement on this tweet.


Analytics: 296 impressions, four total engagements

For this post, I live tweeted a comical challenge that we were watching in class. With one like and no retweets, this tweet was not as successful as many of the others on this list. However, I believe that it remained influential due to my use of #periscope and the funny video of the challenge unfolding. TheΒ popular hashtag, coupled with the funny media, made this tweet a success.



Analytics: 264 impressions, 11 total engagements

In this last live tweet, I managed to take a comical, candid photo of classmates struggling to complete their challenge. The amusing picture and the use of the #nhsmc and #periscope drove a lot of impressions. However, this tweet only got two engagements and no likes.


Analytics: 211 impressions, 11 total engagements

This tweet was one of the first tweets on my professional profile, so I am pleasantly surprised that it did as well as it did. I attribute the success of the tweet to the #FollowFriday hashtag, which generates a lot of activity on Fridays. This tweet got three likes and no retweets.


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