Increasing My Influence

My Knowledge

This course really helped increase my following and my Klout score because I was consistently using hashtags and creating new types of content.  This class has taught me not to be limited to just tweeting text. I have learned the importance of using GIFs and photos to create engagement.  The use of hashtags has allowed me to engage with new users.  I was able to achieve a follow from @Adweek which I would have never accomplished if I had not tweeted out to them which started from one of our COM 427 assignments.  Not only was it an extremely satisfying follow, but I worked for it and achieved it.  At the beginning of the semester, I started out with 272 followers, and I now have 324. I was able to gain 52 followers over the duration of the course which is pretty impressive, I think.

I think the recipe for my success was following the assignments and engaging with as many people and accounts as possible.  Keeping up to date with social trends and news also helps keep content fresh.  Photos and GIFs, as mentioned earlier, definitely creates more engagement probably because it breaks the clutter of the Twitter feed.  While I do not exactly know what doesn’t work to gain followers, I do think that excessively tweeting (ie. live tweeting) can cause a drop in followers.


My Klout score was directly affected by COM 427.  As you can see from the beginning of the semester in September, my Klout score started at 49.77.  By the end of the course I was able to reach a high of 62.57 which is a 12.8 point difference.  Another thing to note is that apparently jumping from a 50 Klout score to a 60 Klout score is one of the hardest things to achieve, according to my Advertising professor.  None the less, my Klout score has been a direct correlation from this social media course.


COM 427 has helped my social media influence skyrocket.  I was able to increase my Klout score by approximentaly 13 points and gain 52 new followers.  I learned the ins and outs of social media and I couldn’t be happier with all my new knowledge.


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