Influence Growth & Analysis


Twitter Follower Growth

Start of the course: 7 followers

End of the course: 42 followers

Percentage of growth: 83%

I think what worked for me early on was the amount of posts we were asked to compose. The assignments were fun to do and they gave me the opportunity to think outside the box. I really enjoyed engaging with my followers by producing content that related to them as well. Tweeting about very relevant current events and topics that were trending at the time really engaged my audience in what I was producing on my account. I also think that the use of hashtags was very important to having my tweets broadcasted to the wider Twitter sphere. I definitely saw more engagement when using hashtags.

What didn’t work for me was sometimes posting at a bad time. There are good and bad times to compose tweets and I think one of my flaws was posting at irrelevant times to my followers. Sometimes, they wouldn’t see my tweet because I had posted it at a time where they were busy or not looking at Twitter. For example, I promoted my meme for the first time at midnight on a week day. That is not an ideal time to post on Twitter because most people are off their phones and going to sleep.

I think increasing my influence and network all starts by getting myself out there and using hashtags. Producing content that stands out from the rest is ideal to follower growth and overall talk about your profile. Hashtags are an ideal source of networking and it brings people to your work that you might not have ever expected to see it.



Top 10 tweets:


Impressions: 1,296

Engagements: 167

Engagement Rate: 12.9%

This post is one of my favorites because it revolves around Chick-fil-A. I think it resonates substantially with my followers and I saw some of the highest engagements on this tweet. It was retweeted 2 times, liked by 15 people, and 2 comments were left on the post. The photo I used was one I found in my phone that I had saved and thought was very funny and very relevant to the post. People get angry when they don’t get their Chick-fil-A sauce and I showed that through this Spongebob meme. Chick-fil-A is one of the most widely talked about fast food chains in the country right now, and I thought it would be a great idea to get in on the action.



Impressions: 1,090

Engagement: 81

Engagement Rate: 7.4%

This was my first tweet ever on my account. I remember being so thrilled to be able to write about myself to Professor Grygiel in tweet form. When executing this post, I made sure to give ample detail about what I did this summer and what I am doing here at SU. I wanted to give Professor Grygiel the most detail I could in a tweet and I believe I did that efficiently. I used the skills I had honed from my personal Twitter and used them to execute a successful tweet. It received 12 likes, which is close to the most I’ve received out of all of my tweets.



Views: 1,740

Reactions: 19

Comments: 2

Here is my LinkedIn post from a couple weeks back. I do not really post on LinkedIn, but I think going forward after seeing the engagement it garnered through this I will continue to put myself out there on the platform. I am connected with many people I am close with and who I have worked with so it is very good to continue to update on my accomplishments and what I am doing in my professional life. I also think that promoting my professional Twitter on my LinkedIn was very beneficial to promoting page views on my Twitter profile.



Impressions: 656

Engagement: 103

Engagement Rate: 15.7%

This was one of my original posts on Twitter. I liked this assignment and tasked two of my best friends with taking a selfie of themselves while I took a picture of them. I got to see the perspective of what other people were doing on social media and it was very cool. While I was posting this on Twitter, they were posting this on Snapchat which just shows how intertwined our world is in regard to social media. It got 9 likes and 1 retweet and was a great tweet to start off our Wednesday.



Impressions: 431

Engagement: 53

Engagement Rate: 12.3%

I come from down state New York, and when we were tasked with tweeting something original and that people did not know I was ecstatic to Tweet this out. Manhattan is a vast and large borough of the city and I thought it would be cool and fun to introduce to my followers a layout of each and every part of Manhattan. My followers could use it as a guide if they were ever to frequent Manhattan and needed to know where a place was. It received 5 likes and I was really happy with the engagement it received.



Impressions: 568

Engagement: 73

Engagement Rate: 12.9%

This assignment asked us to compare 2 things together. People love the 4th of July and people love hot dogs and hamburgers. So I decided to compare the two and see where they matched up over time in regard to likeability. From 2004 to 2014, the hamburger kind of blew the hot dog out of the water. Americans have been very enticed by the hamburger and it shows in this graph that people are more willing to eat a burger rather than a hot dog. This post was also highlighted in class and it was fun to talk about the differences and similarities between the two with Professor Grygiel and my classmates. The post received 5 likes.



Impressions: 520

Engagement: 41

Engagement Rate: 7.9%

In this post we were tasked with reaching out to someone that was verified on Twitter. I thought about it and there was no one better than the one and only, AJ Gersh. He graduated last year and we were in the same fraternity here on campus. He now works with KTXS in Abilene, Texas as a reporter and I thought it would be a great idea to give him a shoutout on Twitter. It got 10 likes and he responded to the post with a nice, heartfelt message.


Impressions: 340

Engagement: 56

Engagement Rate: 16.5%

This is my aunt’s dog Patsy and I was able to live with her this past summer. There’s nothing better to me than highlighting this cute little pup and I wanted to do it on my Twitter account. People love to see dogs on Twitter and there are many dog accounts out there, so I thought it would be really relevant to my follower base and to Twitter as a whole if I posted a tweet about a dog on Twitter. The post got 6 likes and I was very satisfied with the engagement numbers that it gained.


Impressions: 336

Engagement: 52

Engagement Rate: 15.5%

Here I posted a video of my favorite spot in Bird Library. I love the silent room and I wanted my followers to know that it is the spot to be if you want to grind and get a ton of work done. There is nothing better than sitting in one of those comfy chairs and getting ahead of work for the week. I also used an emoji to further highlight where I was and what I was doing there. I posted the tweet at around 6:30 pm and gained 6 likes which was solid timing and a time when my followers were most likely on the platform.


Impressions: 599

Engagement: 18

Engagement Rate: 3.0%

My final tweet on this post is a dedication post to C.C. Sabathia. He was a pitcher for the New York Yankees and he was one of my favorite players for the past 10 seasons. He left a legacy in New York and I thought of nothing better to do than to give a shoutout to a true legend of baseball. He will be a unanimous Hall of Famer and a lot of my followers are Yankee fans that can relate to the message I was sending. I used trending hashtags of that day and saw solid engagement and 9 likes on the post.

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