Influence growth analysis

I started this semester with 16 twitter followers and as of yesterday, that number had risen to 26 over the course of the semester. The followers seemed to be a mix of people who I got to know in class and my friends who started to follow me when I started up again. Most of the followers that I ended up gaining came towards the end of the semester. Throughout the semester my influence seemed to stay relatively the same with each tweet. The number of impressions did not seem to change whether or not I had used any hashtags or mentions. This was a surprising development for me because usually when these things are added they increase the number of impressions made. The one common theme that I noticed throughout my top tweets, however, was the presence of rich media. Nearly all of my top posts had had photos, gifs, or links.

And without any further ado here are my top 10 posts

This tweet had 179 impressions and 11 engagements for a 6.1% engagement rate

166 impressions with 14 engagements for an 8.4% engagement rate

141 impressions, 1 engagement

153 impressions, 1 engagement

160 impressions, 5 engagements

135 impressions, 12 engagements

114 impressions, 1 engagement

98 impressions, 2 engagements

106 impressions, 3 engagements

55 impressions, 1 engagement


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