Twitter Influence and growth analysis!

At the start of the course, I created a new Twitter account so I could begin building a more professional and refined voice compared to my personal Twitter. Because it was a new account I started off with 0 followers. And now at the end of the course, I have 10.

I found that simply tweeting wasn’t really an effective way of gaining followers or any form of engagement. Using more hashtags and a wider variety of them helped a little but didn’t do anything dramatic. What worked more for me was engaging with other Twitter user’s posts and following other accounts. With the tweet below I actually got a response from the author herself!

The posts that did the “best” on my Twitter profile were ones that were actively engaging an established community on the platform, such as communities surrounding a social movement or certain fan base. These tweets also had rich media which I am sure helped as well. 

This tweet now has 3 likes and earned 345 impressions, one like was from the Youtube content creator I engaged with.

This tweet, on the other hand, has a drastically different tone compared to my others. Nonetheless, it engaged with a really important movement through rich media and a variety of hashtags, garnering 162 impressions and 1 retweet.

This my top media tweet of October, earning 131 impressions. I think it did better than others since I used an additional hashtag and included a gif.

This tweet, on the other hand, was one of my first tweets, with around 250 impressions now. Although I didn’t use many hashtags aside from the class hashtag, I incorporated an original photo.

I believe this is a tweet that included the most amount of hashtags on my profile, which I’m sure helped a lot with increasing overall impressions, as my other tweet with the same meme image does not have the same number of impressions. This tweet currently has an engagement of 4 and 69 impressions.

This tweet, although it didn’t include many interesting hashtags (which I definitely should have added) still attracted some engagement due to the overall interactive nature of a poll, as well as the relevance and relatability of the tweet’s topic itself.

This tweet also includes original content, an easy to read graph with some pretty useless but interesting information, garnering 131 impressions, and engagement of 3.

This was one of my top media tweets in September. The link in the tweet likely promoted engagement as well as the image used, as the image acted as a form of a ‘sneak peek’ into what the link would lead to. Overall this tweet currently has 306 impressions and a total of 4 engagements.

Lastly, this tweet is my only tweet with an original video. It had a total of 191 impressions, 26 media views, and 1 engagement. I really should have incorporated additional hashtags to attract more impressions, nonetheless, I thought the video was funny and decided to tweet it.

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