Influencer Analysis-Charly

Over the course of the semester, I have gained a following of 25. At the start of the course, I had 0 followers. I wanted to make sure that I maintained a good ratio, so I am following 86. I do not think that this helped me generated a large following. I gained a lot of follow back by following my peers, but by following celebrities and influencers did not help me generate a larger following. I also did not gain any new followers from hashtags such as #followfriday. Most of my peers are not active on twitter, so it was hard for me to gain a following simply from connections. However, that was the most effective method in gaining followers.

Top 10 tweets:

Impressions: 505
Engagements: 10

Engagements: 3

Impressions: 241
Engagements: 9

Impressions: 50
Engagements: 4

Impressions: 100
Engagements: 3

Impressions: 86
Engagements: 2

Impressions: 356
Engagements: 30

Engagements: 14

Impressions: 88
Engagements: 3

Engagements 5

Above are my top 10 tweets along with the impressions and engagements of each. Although I had tweets that received more impressions and engagements, these are the ones that included the class hashtag. I actually found that my tweets that did not include any hashtag received the most impressions. I noticed a trend of no hashtags among many twitter comedians and retweets. I think this can be attributed the rise of #ad and when people see the blue writing included in a tweet, they do not feel that the content is authentic. That is just my reasoning, but I am sure there are other variables that play into the fact that my tweets with no hashtags gained more impressions. Patterns that I noticed while analyzing my top tweets is that they either engaged an individual with a large following, included images, or encouraged users to respond back to the tweet. From what I have learned in this course, I think that my most engaging tweets are the ones that include aesthetically pleasing images. Through twitter analytics, I found that my tweets with images of either puppies or travel received the most click backs to my profile. I believe this is because when people see content they enjoy, they want more of it; so my followers clicked back to my profile to see if I had more puppies and or travel. I do not think these tweets helped me gain a larger following because my content on my feed was not consistent. I was trying out many different methods, such as polls, comedic tweets, travel posts, dog posts, responses, wisdom Wednesday, etc. So, when people when to my page, I was not a source with consistent content they wanted to follow. I think for the future, to increase my following and attract more people, I should find a consistent theme. I know that I followed pages based on the content they would provide for me. One page is of travel images, while one page gave me wisdom every Wednesday. I have learned that people want to follow pages when they know what content that page will provide them with–rather than my page, which was sporadic and unexpected. Since I had a small following through the entire semester, it was hard for me to know which type of tweet my followers enjoyed most. So, I was unable to establish a personality. While it is a hard truth to accept, I am defiantly not a twitter comedian. I wish that I came to realized this earlier in the semester, so I could focus on producing content that I was good at, rather than trying to learn a trait. I think that twitter is a good platform to content with influencers, because everyone is on the same playing field–in the sense that everyone is on the same platform and you have the ability to engage any handle. To summarize it, I was successful with the posts that included images, but I could work on remaining consistent and engaging twitter influencers.

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