Influencer Growth and Analysis

Influence At the start of this course, I made a brand new Twitter to test out different techniques, which means I started from 0 followers. Over the course of this class, I slowly started gaining more followers monthly. When I started this class in January, I gained 14 followers, but I can’t say the percentage […]

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Influence Growth & Analysis

Part 1: Influence Over the past 3 months, I found that I have gained 15 followers. I started with 20, and ended up having 35. That means that my growth percentage is 75% from the start of this semester to the end of the semester! As far as engagements and impressions go, I have earned […]

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Influencer Analysis-Charly

Over the course of the semester, I have gained a following of 25. At the start of the course, I had 0 followers. I wanted to make sure that I maintained a good ratio, so I am following 86. I do not think that this helped me generated a large following. I gained a lot […]

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