Influencer Growth Analysis


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% Of growth = 28%

Over the semester I knew it was going to be a challenge to gain followers while starting from none. In the beginning I started to follow a lot of my peers from class because a lot of us were in the same position. I then started to follow accounts that I was interested in such as news accounts, the University, or public figures that I knew had a great account. By great account I mean an account where their posts were engaging as well as informative. As I started to tweet, I noticed more followers came in when I posted on relevant trending topics as well as included more hashtags than just #NHsmc. I also reached out to friends and members of groups that I am active in and asked them to follow me in return for a follow (#followforfollow). Also, by using applications like tweetdeck I was able to analyze the best time to post on my account and I was also able to analyze my followers. By aiming certain tweets at a target audience, it increased my chances of engagement as well as made me confident in what I was posting. Although I feel that my growth over the course of the semester was a success, there were still things that did not work. Some things that I would’ve changed throughout my time would have been to come up with more engaging tweets that incorporate website links or articles that my followers would have been interested in. I feel that applying more than just words in a tweet makes it more likely to get more content engagement. Overall, I am very happy with how I grew my voice on social media and will continue to post and become more of a tweeter as time goes on.



The tweets below are some of my favorite as well as the ones that received the most engagement. In this section I will discuss my engagement rates, impressions, as well as what worked for me and how I used different skills I learned throughout the semester to try and grow my influencer status.

My most successful and one of my first tweets ever posted on my account was when we had to “jump into” a conversation from a trending topic on Twitter. For my tweet I decided to jump into the trending hashtahg of #StreamTruthHurts. The background of this tweet came from my passion of Lizzo and who she stands for as a person, therefore I thought It would be a great opportunity to tweet at a topic that I genuinely cared about. My replying tweet, as can be seen above by saying #LIZZOFORPRESIDENT. This was my most successful tweet as I received 32,420 impressions and a total of 81 engagements. I also received 37 likes, my most ever. On this tweet I received 12 total profile clicks and gained a few more followers!

After my success with the #LIZZOFORPRESIDENT I was extremely excited about the amount of engagement I received so I decided to do a follow up tweet as seen above. In this tweet I thought it was a great opportunity to express my tone and voice as a tweeter as I attempted to make a joke and “thank the academy.” Although it did not receive as many likes as the earlier Lizzo tweet, I still ended up with 338 impressions and 7 engagements. I also received 4 likes. I tried to use the tactic of making more of a thread with this tweet to not only gain attention on my follow up tweet, but also the original one.

This tweet of mine was the first poll I had ever created on twitter. I decided to make the poll about Thanksgiving and Halloween, two holidays that everyone can relate to. I ended up with 8 total votes, but at this point in my twitter career I had 11 followers, so it was exciting to see that most of them engaged with the tweet. I also incorporated extra hashtags like #spookyseason to try and boost the impressions. In the end I had 227 impressions and 4 total engagements. My engagement rate also ended up being 1.8%. While this was not my most successful tweet, it was one of my favorites to execute.

While analyzing my top tweets on TweetDeck I saw that my second top tweet during the semester was when I did a follow-up to an original tweet a month later about Bachelor in Paradise. When I first began my twitter account my main focus was about Bachelor in Paradise because the show was at its peak. Many of my follower are the cast of the most recent season as well as other Bachelor Nation contestants from previous seasons. I received 700 impressions on this tweet and 3 total engagements.

Another tweet of mine that was successful within Bachelor Nation was when I posted about #followfriday. I tagged three of my favorite reality TV show characters from the recent season of Bachelor in Paradise, Demi Burnett, Jordan Kimball, and Derek Peth. All three of these people have successful twitter accounts because they post extremely relatable tweets and content that I, as well as many others, can relate to. This tweet was while the season was going on so they would normally live tweet during the shows. I also added into the tweet information about my list that I created on twitter called Bachelor Nation. In this list I included all of my favorite Bachelor stars. I really enjoyed making the list because it was a great way to stay on top of their posts and information they were posting about the season. Although one of the goals for this tweet was to reach some engagement with the celebrities tagged, I did not receive anything from them, but I did gain 290 impressions, 37 media views, and 3 total engagements. In this tweet a tactic I used to also try and gain more impressions was including a gif of one of the other stars from Bachelor in Paradise, John Paul Jones. Overall, I found this tweet to be successful because I used so many different tools.

The tweet shown above was one of our first assignments and was the first time I posted multiple pictures into a tweet, making a collage affect. As I went through my camera roll, I wanted to find pictures that looked aesthetically pleasing but also told a story. My story in this case was pictures of the city I went abroad in, Barcelona. I also thought that by using #Barcelona I could engage with an international audience as it is one of the most popular cities to travel to and especially go abroad to. This tweet was not my most successful, but it reached 335 impressions and 11 total engagements, leaving me with a 3.3% engagement rate.

This tweet of mine was directed at the SU Women’s Assistant Basketball Coach. I wanted to tweet at
someone within the Syracuse Community with a large following, but not too large that it was
unlikely that they would engage with my tweet. Therefore, I decided to tweet at Delisha Jones. As it
is my senior year, I have become more invested with the Syracuse Athletics Department and have
always been impressed with how amazing and underrated our women’s basketball team is. In this
tweet, the most successful aspect for me was that Delisha liked my tweet. I also reached 294
impressions and 9 total engagements. I used the hashtag #CUSE and #NHsmc but received only a
total of 1 hashtag click and also 1 profile click.

Before this class I had always seen #ICYMI on twitter and other social platforms, but never understood the significance behind it. However, when we were given the assignment to post about an event or topic the happened in the near past, I decided to post about Jonathan Van Ness, a reality celebrity figure from the Netflix Original Show Queer Eye. He had recently announced that he was HIV positive and spoke publicly about his experience and how he has come to terms with it. JVN has always been an inspirational figure as he is relevant in the LGBTQ community and is never afraid to express his true self. In this tweet I used the hashtags #fierce and #muchlove as well as #NHsmc. Although my ultimate goal for this was to get some kind of engagement from him, I ended up with 181 impressions and 8 total engagements. It also felt good to tweet about a cause so many people in society struggle with and can relate to.

When our class first began we learned that one of the basic tactics to influencing on social media was to find our own tone and voice. In the tweet above I tried to use my own social media voice, but gained help and ideas from a celebrity figure. I chose to look at Anna Kendrick’s twitter feed to see how she expresses her own self through voice. i found that we have similar humor and I enjoyed and understood the tactics she uses. In her tweets she is sarcastic and incorporates a lot of media like gifs and pictures. Therefore, my tweet was based around her voice and I gave her a special shoutout at the end. This tweet ended up 198 impressions, 36 media views, and 2 total engagements. Although this was the beginning of finding my voice on social media, I feel as time went on I really developed as a social media user and I feel that I have discovered my personality and voice. It is inspiring and refreshing to see many celebrities and public figures voices and how relatable they can be.

Last but not least, one of my favorite assignments. Memes have always been my favorite aspect of social media and something I feel strongly about. I feel that memes make the world go around and create a sense of community and relation on all social mediums. For this assignment we were told to post a meme on our twitter. My tweet shows my true feeling on the assignment and the passion I have for the meme world. I truly could not pick one favorite meme so I thought I would not only tweet at our professor expressing my feelings, but I tried to make it comical as well. What was most exciting to me about this tweet was I gained engagement from Professor Grygiel. I also reached 204 impressions, 33 media views, and 25 total engagements. A lot of my likes came from fellow students of the class so that was confirmation to myself that what I posted was relatable.


Last but not least, for some extra content for you all, my MOST successful post of the semester did not come from twitter, but it came from our viral content challenge. For this assignment we had to create our own meme and post it on imgur. As I just stated, memes are my life. I was beyond excited for the opportunity to showcase myself proclaimed talent. My inspiration for this meme was to create something that was relatable for all ages. I chose the riskiness of not including any media such as a gif or picture, but it seemed to work in my favor. I ended up with over 103,000 views and 169 comments. What worked for me in this challenge was the tags I used in my post. The tags I used were funny, kids, lol, growing up, and getting older. To help my meme go viral I shared it on snapchat. I attempted to post it on Facebook as well as Facebook groups I am a part of but Facebook said my content went against their community guidelines. This assignment was not only a highlight of the semester, but probably my life. It was so fulfilling to see something I care so much about actually go viral. I also attempted to send my meme to different famous meme accounts, but it did not gain traction. I also tweeted it, but it did not gain much attention. This was such a great assignment and was an amazing way to end the semester. It gave me hope that maybe one day I could be a famous memer.

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