Influencer Growth and Analysis

I had originally created a new Twitter account solely for class, since I had deleted my previous Twitter account two years ago. I started off with zero followers at the beginning of the semester, and ended up with 13 followers and 25 following. 90% of my followers are my peers from class, and the 25 people I am following are my classmates as well as celebrities who will most likely never see my profile, i.e, never follow back. If I were to put more influence on Twitter, I would have followed peoples personal Twitter accounts that are outside of the class, but I did not want to cross the two over. Furthermore, I could have followed all of my classmates on Twitter to engage more with those posting similar content. But, over the last 90 days, (September 3rd-December 2nd) my Tweets have earned 20.2K  impressions with Tuesday, November 5th being the highest day for impressions (511).


Top Tweets in order from most to least (impressions):


Impressions: 9,895

Engagements: 59 (42 likes 10 retweets)

Engagement rate: 0.6%


Impressions: 2,752

Engagements: 153 (1 retweet)

Engagement rate: 5.6%


Impressions: 996

Engagement: 30

Engagement rate: 3.0%


Impressions: 373

Engagement: 4

Engagement rate: 1.1%


Impressions: 218

Engagement: 39 (6 likes)

Engagement rate: 17.9%


Impressions: 217

Engagement: 3

Engagement rate: 1.4%


Impressions: 176

Engagement: 7

Engagement rate: 4.0%


Impressions: 146

Engagement: 4 (1 like)

Engagement rate: 2.7%


Impressions: 144

Engagement: 2

Engagement rate: 1.4%


lonely boy hours 

Views: 367

Up Arrows: 9

Down Arrows: 5

Favorites: 3

Total Points: 4

11. BONUS (I tried one more Imgur post after the class meme to see if I could do better)

Loves it but hates it 

Views: 878

Up Arrows: 14

Down Arrows: 7

Favorites: 3

Total Points: 7


Conclusion: Overall, the tweets/posts that did the best included an image or a certain hashtag that led more people to find and click the Tweet. Maybe if I had paid more attention to certain hashtags, I could have received higher impressions. About the Imgur meme, I think that for the class meme, I had just posted it at the wrong hour of day, which has a big influence on how many clicks you will get in a certain amount of time. People online like good content that is both visually stimulating (image, meme, gif, article link, etc), and content that is either relatable and/or relevant to current culture. My top tweet got a lot of attention from people who are outside of this class and that I do not know personally. This has a lot to do with the account that I tagged, as I stole from of their audience to give my tweet higher ratings. Tagging someone with higher followings always helps grab more attention and engagements. What I’ve learned about using Twitter these last weeks is that Twitter is still more relevant than ever, and people use this platform to promote and make change whether that be political, economical, environmental, pop cultural, or just personal. I am even considering bringing back my own personal Twitter account outside of the classroom to start engaging and have a Twitter account that I can even use for my career one day.





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