Is Spanish the Same Everywhere?

There are several countries that speak Spanish and it may be very similar everywhere, but each country has their own accent, pronunciation and slang. This is a short video explaining how to differentiate Spanish-speakers with only ONE word!



3 thoughts on “Is Spanish the Same Everywhere?

  1. Hi Natalie! I love how you talked about a real topic and made it fun and interesting. I didn’t know how many different ways you could say ‘popcorn’! Also, nice editing and graphics.

  2. I love how this video answers a question I have never gotten a solid answer to! With the use of one word, popcorn, anyone can identify where someone who speaks Spanish is from. It was awesome how you made it relaxed, easy and educational all at once.

  3. Nataly! I loved the way you use popcorn as a way to explain the different vocabulary and dialects people have depending on where they are from. I also speak spanish and my friends learning spanish always tell me that sometimes its hard to learn spanish because there are many ways to say or describe objects. I really like your ending and the way you are motivating your audience to talk to their friends to get to know where they are from. Great job with the graphics, they kept the video more visual and entertaining.

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