Easy Breakfast in Under 5 Minutes? | How-To

In my first how-to video, I show you how to solve one of life’s most nearly unattainable objectives: getting a healthy and yummy breakfast into your belly as quickly as possible. Try it yourself and let me know what you think below, or check out @sheeb_eats #Foodstagram! #SheebEats


5 thoughts on “Easy Breakfast in Under 5 Minutes? | How-To

  1. This looks so good! I love avocado toast, and I never even thought to cook eggs in the microwave. I might have to try this tomorrow morning. Also loved the editing in your video and how you condensed the process into a short minute-long clip. It came out really well, thanks for sharing!

  2. Shelby this was a great how-to video, i loved it! Making breakfast can really take time and sometimes I just decide not to eat in the mornings to be on time, although it is not very healthy and this approach is great!

  3. I am literally in love with avocado toast. It has been my go-to breakfast for over a year now. I use the same ingredients you do and I NEVER forget the hot sauce. MAJOR KEY. Sometimes if I don’t have hot sauce I use red pepper flakes and black pepper. Great video. NOW I’M HUNGRY .

  4. I can be honest when I say I’ve never had an avocado before but I’m a big guacamole fan… I sound like a hypocrite, I understand. Do they taste similar? I’m not even a big breakfast person but this honestly looks quite appetizing. I’ve also never made eggs in the microwave… something I guess I’m going to have to try if I’m in a rush. Thanks for the tip!

  5. YUMMY! This recipe will save my mornings for sure! I have a hard time trying to prepare a good breakfast treat that takes less than 10 minutes, specially when I’m a little late to class. I really like the way you vary your shots to show how to make your treat. I loved the way you put the camera extremely close to the avocado and then took it away to show the avocado already cut. Your video was simple, on the point, but extremely entertaining.

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