Kombucha Girl Meme Campaign Analysis


The objective of this marketing campaign was to create a meme, and accumulate at least 500 views on Imgur. This meme is using the popular meme frame of the “Kombucha Girl”, where the initial reaction picture is disgust, and next reaction picture is interest. The “Kombucha Girl” went viral on Twitter after a TikTok was made by Brittany Tomlinson of her tasting Kombucha, and having conflicting reactions to whether or not she likes it. I’ve seen this meme used constantly on Twitter, and it almost always makes me laugh. This is a comical, relatable meme frame that I used to talk about how my experience with making food that I thought other people could relate to. I used this meme frame captioned “making a salad at home versus spending $17 on the same salad at a café”. This feels like a conflict that other people have grappled with and may be able to relate to as well.

Imgur Meme

Kombucha Girl Meme



This meme was successful and met the objective, gaining 857 views on Imgur. The meme also generated 7 comments on Imgur with users directly commenting on the content mentioned in the meme. I used the tags #relatable #funny #lol #haha, which helped push the meme into the Imgur community and generate more views. I also received a solid engagement on my Facebook posts of the meme, with a total of 20 likes and 4 comments. In contrast, my Twitter and Instagram promotion of the meme did not receive any engagement. I have significantly less Twitter and Instagram followers than Facebook friends, which could explain the differences in engagement. I think this meme was successful because it is simple and uses simple language, and references a concept that a general audience can understand, thus making it a good meme to receive large engagement. Also, the images used in the meme frame express outwardly express emotions that many people can relate to, so that when users see this meme they immediately understand what is being expressed. In summary, the Imgur meme was successful in engagement and interpretation from the target audience, generating over 500 views with the Imgur community.

Final Engagement

858 Imgur Views



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