Look What You Made Me Tweet

Taylor Swift returned to the social media realm in August after months of completely falling off the grid. For Swift fans, this felt like an eternity as she is known for sticking to a strict music release schedule. Upon her return, she dropped her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” and believe me when I say, she went from 0 to 100, real quick.

The release of her new song and video caused an uproar on social media as both critics and fans analyzed every line and every move she made in the process.

Taylor Swift is known for her devoted following or “Swifties” and quite honestly she could’ve released a punk rock album and they still would have shouted “Yas queen!”

Clearly not everyone was a fan, however.

Love her or hate her, it gave some a serious feeling of self-empowerment.

To no surprise, #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo became the ultimate meme allowing the trending hashtag to live on months later.


4 thoughts on “Look What You Made Me Tweet

  1. I totally agree that Taylor Swift’s release of “Look What You Made Me Do” caused a lot of controversy amongst her fans. I know just between my friends and I we discussed this a lot and I heard everything from “I love it” to “I hate it.” Really interesting to follow it online like this through the hashtag. Nice job!

  2. This headline killed me and made me want to read your post instantly! I like how you were able to take this hashtag from a while ago and make it still relevant today. I’ve seen so many memes made from this song and hashtag and I appreciate the way you were able to showcase that in this post.

  3. I could not wait to read this blog post once I saw the title… i LOVE Tay Swift – so I’m a supporter. I do understand that everyone has such different opinions on how she handles herself and the music that she puts out. The release of “Look What You Made Me Do” had controversial reactions.

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