Quota System Sparks Protest in Bangladesh

Scores of students in Bangladesh staged a demonstration on Monday, demanding reformation of the discriminatory quota system in government jobs. Police attacked the protestors and left at least 100 students injured.

Netizens used the hashtag #quotareform to spread the news while a fraction of media outlet decided not to cover this story as one of the journalists was attacked by the protestors.

Fifty-six percent of the government jobs were reserved for families of freedom fighters, minorities, disabled and women.

The government eventually decided to scrap all sorts of quotas.

I agree with these two people who opposed it. The protest was about reforming the system not to abolish it. Minorites and women in Bangladesh do not get equal opportunities as men. When it comes to competing for the civil service job, men and the privileged class have always an advantage over women and minorities. Therefore, scrapping all sorts of quota is not a good decision.

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