Meme Campaign Analysis

Analysis of my viral content challenge meme.


My objective stated previously in my marketing plan was to gain 500+ views on imgur, because that was the threshold that was considered going viral.

Imgur meme

Netflix Marathon Homework 

My meme explained: This Meme relates to procrastination when doing homework. So instead of focusing on important school work, in any subject, the person is jumping off the cliff to watch a Netflix marathon. I think this is a very relatable and can be applied to anyone who is going through education at any level- from high school to graduate school.

Below is my twitter webcard, my twitter ad and an overall analysis of what worked and what did not during the duration of this campaign

Twitter Webcard

Twitter Ads Engagement and Spend

Twitter Ads Engagement and spend

Analyzes of Campaign

For my campaign surrounding my meme I have come to many conclusions on what helped and what did not.

First off using something that is widely relatable to all teens and young adults, such as Netflix in relation to procrastination, really worked in my favor. Netflix is such a large platform known world-wide, so I saw this as a benefit and a way for people to not have to think very hard at the message that I was trying to communicate via this meme. Being able to have something that would make sense to a large population made it easier to be received well and understood, and made targeting for my Ad easier and not so specific. For example, I received a comment on my meme stating “Literally the first post I see as I tab out of my uni stuff”. “Uni” is a term used in Europe for College, so I saw how this post could be understood and relatable to someone whose culture is different than mine.

Hashtags were a huge influencer in my campaigns success. Using in hashtags such as #Collegelife and #Netflixlife gave me an opportunity to draw in an audience that would be able to relate to my Meme, and made targeting for this efficient.

I also chose to create something I thought my twitter audience and Facebook friends would relate to, being that those were the social media that I was going to promote my tweet on. Seeing that my audience is around the ages from 17-23, I crafted my meme around that and saw that worked in my favor for engagement.

Something that I discovered did not work as well was tweeting my meme out multiple times with no filler tweets in between. I received many texts from my followers asking if I knew I had already tweeted it out, many thought it was a mistake. This showed me I need to tweet things in between content that I am promoting so it flows better, and gives my followers time to forget about my original tweet.


Final engagement: 786 views, 13 up arrows and 2 comments.


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