Syracuse Football and Syracuse Basketball Meme Marketing


The primary objective of the campaign was to reach 500 views on Imgur.

Syracuse football is coming up the ranks…

Twitter Webcard Tweets:


Based solely on the objective (500 views) and metrics (number of Imgur views) for measuring success, my campaign was successful. The meme reached 500 views on Imgur by November 11, and by deadline on November 12, it had reached 510 views. I scheduled the five tweets to go out at various times throughout the week centered around times when I thought sports fans would be active on Twitter. The most successful tweets were scheduled to go out during times where Syracuse Football would be a hotly-discussed topic- during games and when rankings-polls were released. While this was not a goal in my marketing plan, the tweets, containing the meme embedded via Twitter Webcard, combined to reach 113 total engagements and 2,755 impressions (this includes tweets that were not promoted). Because I did not change the daily spend limit until about 2/3 of the way through my first day, I was only able to promote my first two tweets. From the $5.00 ad buy, I recorded 841 impressions, about 30 percent of my total Twitter impressions.

Ad Campaign Analytics

I chose to target the ads at followers similar to select accounts that were affiliated with the football and basketball teams with over 1,000 followers, but not more than 300,000 followers. This was so that my targeted range was not too large such that the spend would not hit my specific audience. As seen in the analytics below, the most traction came from official team accounts. The only target that was not quite as successful was The Daily Orange‘s Sports account, which was surprising to me considering the mid-range size of their audience. Since they do cover other sports a fair amount, however, it made sense that it may have not been as effective with their follower base as CitrusTV Sports, which covers football and basketball more heavily than other sports.

Ad Campaign Analytics (2)

If I were to do this over again, I would better pace the spend in Twitter Ads so it would be utilized more effectively, specifically in the times Syracuse Football was most relevant (game time, rankings releases). I would also try and find accounts that have a more football/basketball centric-audience to target my ad buy so the spend would be more effective.

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