Military Brat Probz no more

As a so-called military brat, my life has always been a series of moving place to place, meeting new people and forming new connections while leaving some behind. During my upbringing, I learned to adapt to unique lifestyles and immerse myself in new cultures from living in places all over the United States and Europe. However despite this lifestyle, my childhood was pretty normal in the sense that I grew up running around the neighborhood with all my friends, playing on the playground till the sun went down.

It wasn’t until entering middle school that a whole new world of possibilities opened up for me with the introduction of Facebook. Friends that I had not seen in over five years were suddenly popping up in my friend requests and onto my news feed, giving me the opportunity to reconnect after all this time. My world literally began to grow closer thanks to the ability to build this online community of people I knew from around the whole world. I was able to message them or simply react to what they were posting by liking or commenting and it created this sense of closeness that I would not have without social media. Now with Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and so on, I am able to chat with anyone, at any time. Thanks to these platforms, I am also able to connect with other people in the military brat lifestyle, such as through my favorite twitter @MilBratProbz, which gives me a sense of comfort because it is nice to know that other people relate to me in so many different ways.

Another reason why I believe that social media brings us closer together, is because all of the good that can be spread through different platforms such as raising awareness, money or influence over an issue or foundation that can help improve peoples lives or can leave a lasting impression to spark change in society. For instance, from the devastation of Hurricane Irma, people are spreading ways that can help with relief efforts through posts and hashtags. I think that with these tools were able to grow closer to others despite distance and cultural differences, because at the end of the day we’re all human and want to see the world become a better place.

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