So Social Media is Making Us Closer? Really?

On the surface, it appears that social media has found a way to connect the world in a way unlike ever before. Individuals that live in different countries are able to communicate with the click of a button and can be updated in real-time on the lives of their peers. An argument could definitely be made that social media has brought the world together; however, how truly “together” are we when a majority of our communication is through computer or phone screens. According to Forbes, social media has caused its users, particularly those in the millennial generation, to have a new variety of issues in their friendships and relationships.

These issues arise from our increased need to be “liked” online. In a recent Kaspersky Lab study, 42% of social media users “admit to feeling jealous when a friend’s posts receive more attention than theirs”. Young people have become so hyperaware of the opinions of their peers through these likes that if a friend gets a greater number of positive responses on his/her post, 58% of users have admitted to being “upset or embarrassed”.


This is where some of the many issues with social media lie. In our attempt to get connected with each other, a need to impress others and receive their virtual approval has come to the forefront of our online identity.  Although social media has played a role in developing and maintaining relationships, it is also creating the idea that online relationships and presence is more important than those in the real world.


If you’re interested in learning more about social media’s effect on our ability to communicate, make sure to click here!




3 thoughts on “So Social Media is Making Us Closer? Really?

  1. Hi Gabrielle –
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post!
    I agree. I think it is so important for society to acknowledge social media’s disadvantages, and how it can negatively impact people’s lives. I like your idea of “virtual approval.” This is something I contemplate often and think something that effects college students specifically.

  2. Gabriella,
    I really enjoyed reading this blog post and feel like a lot of our points were similar. For one, I do belive that our world has brought our world together in the technical since but unfortunately as sepearted us in personally in our day to day lives because we are so drawn to always being on our phones, computers, tablets, etc.

    Ps, really love your first image and how accurate it is.

  3. I completely agree with what you’re saying. There comes a point where people take social media way too seriously and personally. Not liking one person’s post and liking another’s can turn into drama. I’m not sure that social media brings people together in the sense that it makes everyone close, it just provides us with the same news, so we have the same access and opportunities in that regard. I enjoyed your post and think you have good evidence backing up what you are saying with the tweets and Forbes.

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