Music Hashtag Is Trending

Still listening the news songs released by Rihanna or Ariana Grandal? It is time to update your music list. MacKenzie Bourg, a contestant in popular TV reality show—American Idol, releases his original song, Roses on iTunes and brings over 40,000 tweets, using #BuyRosesOniTunes, to talk about the cute, adorable boy and his funny ice cream periscope live video. People die for his romantic song and are drenched for his charming, fantastic and yes, soul vocal.

Some people wrote tweets to Mac and hope he can sing Roses in periscope and post more ice cream live stream, which is hilarious. To those who love the song deeply and call for people to listen this song. They hope using the #BuyRosesOniTunes to promote Roses and draw more audiences to purchase the song to support the Lafayette boy who hold his music dream.

However, some people have opposite sound to his Roses, who consider it is ranked highly by his fame and his fans, not the music itself. @lirrynfinty can not agree with that. Another account holder, @xokyaxo complained about the poor design of the cover. A couple of tweets also revealed their dissatisfaction to the dark, messed cover.

Anyway, the hashtag is still on trending and fans are trying to get their favorite idol to be No.1.






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