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I went from 7 Twitter followers to 21 Twitter followers, a growth of over 300%, which I felt was pretty solid considering I really didn’t use my Twitter for much else other than the course. It seemed clear to me that the types of posts that gained me attention, and possibly more followers were those that included some sort of media or hashtags. My Klout score didn’t improve nearly as dramatically however, only growing from 14.36 to 17.72.


This tweet had 465 impressions and 23 engagements, which I think happened because I used the “MyRacialBlindspot” hashtags which was trending on Twitter at the time.


This was my second most popular tweet with 155 impressions and 13 engagements. I think the fact that I had a video in my tweet is what made people click on it, as I didn’t interact directly with anyone, nor did I use any hashtags other than the class hashtag.


This tweet received 126 impressions and had 12 engagements, which I think stemmed from both the fact that I tweeted at three accounts that are followed by a lot of people already, as well as me using the FollowFriday hashtag.

This tweet received 122 impressions but only 2 engagements, which leads me to believe people either were skimming through my hashtag, or I simply happened to post it at a time where it received a lot of views due to more people being on Twitter.

This tweet got 109 impressions and 9 engagements. It had the second highest engagement rate of any of my top 10 Tweets, which I think happened because I linked to a Seinfeld clip. Also, my language in the tweet may have left people wanting to see what I linked to. I regret not using some sort of hashtag in this Tweet because I probably could have gotten even more engagements.

This Tweet received 108 impressions and 10 engagements, making it my most engaged with tweet in terms of percentages. Honestly, I really don’t have a great reason for why it got such a relatively high engagement rate, but I suspect people scrolling through their timelines were interested in what my graph was of.

This tweet received 106 impressions and 3 engagements. The only reason I think it appears in my top 10 is because @seinfeld2000 has hundreds of thousands of followers, and I suspect the three people I tweeted at made up all of the engagements. Adding the FollowFriday hashtag may have helped as well.

This tweet got 100 impressions and 4 engagements. I think that it appears in my top 10 despite it being a replay lacking any additional media or hashtags because I tweeted about both Taylor Swift and Kanye West, two of the most searched for celebrities in the world. I think many of the impressions or engagements came from people who just searched for Taylor Swift or Kanye West and my tweet popped up.

I got 96 impressions and only a single engagement on this Tweet. I think the low engagement rate is because of people searching for tweets about the Red Sox on Twitter simply seeing my Tweet and scrolling by it without engaging.

The final Tweet in my top 10 received 85 impressions and 5 engagements. I suspect it did so because I used the Voice hashtag, and because the person I was copying was a very popular and easily recognizable style (essentially functioning illiteracy).

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