My Big 3

I tweet, post, like, retweet and comment for reasons I can’t fully explain. It began as just the thing to do so I did it. But now I’ve started to express myself and grow into an experienced social media user. I use social media to create my own brand, socialize, and learn from others. I’d call those my “Big 3.” First, I am trying to create and build the “Michael Lehr” professional brand. I promote what I am doing in my broadcast career and am trying to attract followers.

Second, I use social media to interact with my friends. I love to see what they are doing and show off what I am doing. This is a little different from my professional brand, as I like to make sure my friends see that I am having fun, not just working. Finally, I use social media to learn. I pay attention not only to updates about news and sports, but how those updates are portrayed. I try to be critical of what I see, and think about what I might have done differently or what I wish was included in certain post. Even just silly small facts teach me something I didn’t know before.

I try to absorb as much as I can from social media just in case, because you never know when some crazy fact will come in handy. I use social media for all kinds of purposes that change all the time.

6 thoughts on “My Big 3

  1. I agree with everything that you wrote! I also use social media to connect with my friends. It is a great platform to share important things in your life, and see what is happening in other peoples lives as well. Even if you live across the country, ou can interact at the touch of a button!

  2. I think your “big three” theory is very accurate and true for many social media users. Social media is something so interesting because it is used for so many different aspects of one’s life. Not many other platforms are used for such a wide spectrum of information and knowledge.

  3. I find it interesting that you included building a professional brand as your first reason for using social media. I feel like most young people don’t utilize social media for this purpose so you’re ahead of the game! Your blog and Social Media for Communicators has made me rethink my usage of different platforms to make them more professional.

  4. I 100% agree with your comment on using social media to develop your brand. I myself have tried to center around sports and broadcasting. My newsfeed is often filled with Bob Ryan, Red ox News, Syracuse basketball etc. By surrounding yourself with people that share similar interests and creating content for people with similar interests your brand will slowly begin to expand.

  5. I agree, there are numerous purposes to social media and how we choose to use it, or subconsciously don’t. Sometimes it even becomes beneficial when we don’t expect it. I have found myself also using social media to absorb news and content for the purpose of knowledge. In reference to branding myself, I think the way I would say I do so is by creating a virtual personality for myself that is sort of an enhancement of who I am. This way people can see my interests, what I advocate for, etc. And of course, the primary purpose for social media for myself is to socialize and to reach out to people I otherwise would not be able to. So I think you nailed the ‘Big 3’ major overlooking points for the purpose of social media.

  6. I found it really interesting how you stated that creating and building your professional brand is the number one reason why you use social media. I think that many people in our generation fail to even recognize this aspect of social media, and instead focus on using it solely for social interactions. In particular with your broadcasting career path I think it’s very smart of you to have such a professional focus. After reading your article I will re-consider my own brand image, and the professionalism of my own social media accounts.

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